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In the game of hearts there can be more than one loser...Take Daisy Johnson, for starters. She came from nothing but now she has it all: a thriving business, a beautiful daughter, and the financial security that makes her the master of her own destiny. Yet the memories of two very different loves cast a shadow of doubt and fear that keeps her trapped in self-imposed isolatIn the game of hearts there can be more than one loser...Take Daisy Johnson, for starters. She came from nothing but now she has it all: a thriving business, a beautiful daughter, and the financial security that makes her the master of her own destiny. Yet the memories of two very different loves cast a shadow of doubt and fear that keeps her trapped in self-imposed isolation.Aiden Keane remains haunted by the games he played with one woman's heart. Now she's gone, and his obsessive nature has fueled a five-year mission to find her. Her rejection and disappearance has left him wondering if he'll ever see her again. But what Aiden wants, he wants, and he will risk it all to find and claim her once more.Pete Doyle wants a fresh start. He's sure as hell earned it. It's taken him five years to get over his first love and the role he played in destroying it. Now he has a new girlfriend and a business opportunity of his own. Pete wants closure, or maybe something more. Until he understands which of the two is most important, his life continues in limbo.Tragedy hits the small town of Hollow Creek, and the paths of all three players collide in the most unexpected of ways. Daisy had her reasons to remain hidden from both of the men in her past. When all her secrets are uncovered, Daisy is faced with one question: does she have any choices left?...

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  • Kim
    2020-01-15 10:14

    When I got to the very last word all I could do was close my eyes, exhale, and say wow that was some ride. This book was a serious emotional roller coaster, which had me flipping the pages entirely too fast to see what was going to happen next. The Aiden-Daisy-Pete love fest continues in this book and boy was it something else. There is something about Aiden where you are supposed to hate him, but I couldn't help but to love him and hope everything turned out in his favor. Now Pete on the other hand, he was a total jerk at the end of Aiden's Game, and he took it to a whole other level in this book. His level of stupidity was at an all time high, and I couldn't stop myself from thinking why does Nina (his gf) continue to put up with his crap. When the big secret was revealed I literally shrieked out loud because I just couldn't believe it, and knew there had to be some kind of catch. I can tell the story is certainly not over for this bunch, and all I have to say is where is book 3??

  • Theodora Taylor
    2020-01-06 13:57

    Description: The second book in her "Tale of Three Hearts" trilogy, let's us know what happens five years after Daisy loses her hometown boyfriend, Pete Doyle, and her innocence after accepting a "million dollar proposal" from Las Vegas tycoon, Aiden Keane. Aiden has become obsessed with finding Daisy, but when he finally does much drama ensues.The Good: I seriously want my favorite soap opera, GENERAL HOSPITAL, to hire Ms. Mynx, because she knows how to write Drama with a capital "D." Her characters are incredibly-but-compellingly flawed, and she's set up a truly tangled triangle here. I couldn't turn the pages fast enough.The Bad: See the "Editing issues" section. Ms. Mynx also tends to repeat situations. Aiden, Daisy and Pete have so many confrontations, it's hard to get excited about them toward the end. She'd get away with this, if we were watching a soap opera, but this is a book, and it is way, way too long. She definitely needs to trim the fat.The Naughty: Steamy. Outdoor sex. Editing issues: Lots and lots of grammar errors. Weird formatting (double spaces between paragraphs in Smashwords).Publisher: The Diva's PenLength: 475 pagesFinal Grade: C+Happy Reading, Theodora from

  • Daniel
    2020-01-10 14:11

    Sad to say that I was relieved to, finally, finish this much too long sequel to Aiden's Game.I can't remember the last book I read where ALL the characters had no redeeming features.I shall "cut my eyes" over to something else on my bookshelf in the hope of finding a better edited, less melodramatic, emotionally believable drama.

  • Emotonal Reads
    2019-12-25 09:58

    OMG, I had to take a break, get this off my chest.this heroine is a piece of work, didn't she learn anything from her past.She is saying she hates Aiden but what does she do when she sees, to prevent the jerk from finding out about her baby she has sex with him, using her body again. I don't care if she gets a happy ending or not. She don't deserve it. Can we say slut?!And a baby is not going to take to some strange so quickly, calling him daddy.I cannot believe how much I dislike the slut and the jerk. Usually it's certain content in a book I hate. in this it's both.I do feel for Nina and Pete though,I care what happens to them.I skipped many pages.I don't see the point in them getting married, there is nothing between but lust, there is no emotional connection between them what so ever and the sex was too much like porn.They destroyed and wronged so many people, but there is no consequence to it, I can't get over that.No wonder the majority of romance readers thinks interracial books is just written porn, with no true substance.

  • Anino
    2020-01-03 10:00

    Recently, after having read , as a treat por moi, I went on a Sienna Mynx ebook shopping spree. "Black Butterfly" & "Mi Carino/Mi Carina" did not disappoint & neither did "Daisy's Choice." From start to finish, this book was pitch perfect. Exceptional Character Development, Plot, and well-timed elements of suspense. I'm not going to give away any spoilers, but trust me on this, if you are looking for a quality Interracial Romance with more bite and zero stupidity, this may be the one for you.

  • Keita
    2020-01-14 06:21

    I'm not quite sure how I wanted to rate this latest installment of the series "A Tale of Three Hearts". All I know is that I feel emotionally drained, and not necessarily in good good way. This book pushed me over the edge. There were times I wasn't for sure if I could finish the book. There was way too much drama for me. It was like a bad soap opera but you couldn't stop watching because you just have to know how it ends. The rest of the review contains spoilers so be warned beforehand.(view spoiler)[I'll start with my least favorite character, Daisy. Daisy was a IMO a total BITCH in this novel. I could excuse some of her ways in "Aidens's Game" because I thought she was young and naive, and somewhat of a small town county bumkin. It's been 5 years later, she has a child and owns her own business and yet she is continuing in her ways. She was not only childish, unbelievable selfish and still continues to think only of herself. There was no excuse for her not to attend her father's funeral, I don't care if even if it was from a distance. Also you DO NOT let your daughter whom you claim you are so protective of and whom has no male influence in her life call a man she meets on the first day call him daddy. There is NO EXCUSE for that. She should have put a stop to that right away. At this point she didn't know who her father was and had both men thinking either of them could have fathered this girl. This very confusing to child and you as her mother are supposed to be the adult in the situation. There were times while reading I wanted to scream at her "Look at you life, look at your choices, there are going to be consequences to your actions!". I don't believe Daisy ever learned that lesson. Toward the end of the novel when Aiden mentioned to Daisy the mess with her and the IRS because she had been living under anthor name, she told HIM to fix it. REALLY? When are you ever going to grow up and behave like an adult? ALL the men in her life have enabled her to act the way she does. It started with her father, then Pete and now Aiden. And I have yet to figure out was so special about Daisy maybe I missed it somewhere but like I said I think she was a BITCH.Pete When the first novel concluded I felt a heart broken for Pete that is not to say he didn't play his part. I belive he felt somewhat remorseful of how he reacted to Daisy. But we start this book and he is in a relationship with Nina for 2 yrs and loves her but has hard time saying so because of his past with Daisy. Pete finally decides Nina is the one for him and proposes to her. He takes her to an hotel, they make love and while at the hotel her is going through her things and finds a card with Daisy's name and address on it. How does Pete react? He gets mad at Nina for not telling him she saw Daisy and tells them they have to leave. He goes on to tell Nina that he has leave find Dasiy to make peace with her. Dude really? Yet you don't understand why your girlfriend failed to tell you about seeing your ex when she has been living in her shadow for 2 yrs. Anyhow you fly out to find Daisy and find out you possibly fathered a child. Pete is understandably upset at first but his actions with Daisy after then cannot be justified. How can he go to the park and have a family fun day and end up picking Dasiy up and spinning her on your shoulders. Like they are one big happy family. What about your fiance? At this point you don't know if this is your child. The only time when I felt he had some redeeming quality was when when he was going off on Aiden. But his treatment of Nina shameful, its a wonder she stayed with him. I liked Nina better than anyone and she definately deserved better.Aiden I have little if not no sympathy for a person like Aiden. The only sympathy that I might have for Aiden is that he had a child out there in the world and he didn't know about and thats where my sympathy ends. Most of the time he just came off as cruel and mean. There were even times where it was hinted at that he and his associate participated in murder for gain or otherwise and there is no excuse for that. And the thought that with Daisy and night of sex can bring him, simi-sadist to his knees and spends 5 years and millions of dollars to find her. Please.Also there were way to many coincidences in this novel, Nina just happen to be there when Daisy arrived in town, Donovan just happens to go to the spa what Daisy owns and see her there, Daisy seeing Donovan at the hospital on the day of the paternity test.We could also do without pages with unecessary dialogues and scenes, epecially from the sisters and mother meddling and dragging out of the baby daddy deal. I found myself shouting "Just take the test already!".The way the book ended leads me to believe that there might be a third in the series even though in the dedication of the novel the author states to the fans "May this story bring you the conclusion you seek". What conclusion? She left readers on cliff and left a bad taste in my mouth for a better ending than what was given. I for one wouldn't read futher if there was another installment. I can't take anymore drama.(hide spoiler)]

  • Bennita
    2020-01-09 11:04

    I don't think I've read a Sienna Mynx book I didn't like. There's always loads of drama, betrayal and a cast of awesome characters.After five years, Aiden still hasn't given up on finding Daisy, and Pete still hasn't gotten over Daisy either. After a family tragedy, Daisy comes home and once again, Aiden still hasn't learned that he can't control everyone and everything. Daisy is a changed woman and more than he can handle. He learns that she has a child that could be either his or Pete's. Daisy's daughter becomes the prize to win between these two men and Daisy's life is once again turned upside down. She has to fight for what's best for her and her family and for the man she loves. Family turns against family, Friends betray friends and first loves become worst enemies. I felt for Daisy as she was pushed and pulled in every direction. She just wasn't good enough for anyone except Aiden. He and her sisters were the only ones to stand by her and not treat her like a whore. I adored her daughter. She was feisty, independent and knew how to get what she wanted from Aiden and Pete. All of the characters matured in this story and finally realized what was important in the end, but Aiden still can't let go of his old ways, which leads to some upcoming conflicts in the next installment. Great series. Keep 'em coming Ms. Mynx.

  • Tee
    2020-01-15 08:13

    Love Love Looooovvvveeeddd this book, Daisy is wayyy more likable then she was in book book 1 I just wanted to slap her silly ass, but in book 2 I just wanted to slap her selfish see the improvement? my urge to slap her fictional ass wasn't as strong as it was in book 1, I actually liked Aiden NO correction I fucking LOOOVVVEE Aiden he's the man, unlike Pete who WAS the man until he turned into a whinny asshole. This series is getting better and better. I love the way Mrs.Mynx develops her characters and story line it makes the books more entertaining while wrapping you up in each characters life.

  • raeneysa
    2020-01-17 11:55

    don't know how I manage to finish this read. way to much drama for me. this book had enough drama to last me for a while.

  • reneeNaDaBomb
    2020-01-20 14:20

    Daisy's Choice: Casino Boss Romance (A Tale of Three ❤s Book 2)Now who is the father...Pete or Aiden? This book didn't answer that question for little Amy or Daisy/Danielle Locke either. Or did it? I liked this mystery book in the series because it is a who done what with whom. On to Book 3 and we shall find out how the 💘 triangle will end.

  • Amanda
    2020-01-02 06:57

    Decent readThe book is a continuation of the first book. When 2 kids made a decision regarding an indecent proposal. Unfortunately it destroyed their relationship. They were not meant to be. It's quite evident.

  • Lexi Bender
    2020-01-13 09:25

    This was a nice read! Enjoyable characters and story-line. Good job

  • Readin'vixen
    2020-01-07 07:56

    Daisy's Choice was not I book I could get into. Just for the characters alone....I have the first book, and although I thought the first book was thrilling and interesting. This book just left me sadden and angry, sort of happy but very un for-filled with the whole book general. WARNING SPOILER ALERT:After reading the first book, and see that the story continues. I was really eager to see the lessons learned in all the characters. But as I started reading the book, more and more I felt my lost of love to see that these characters succeed in anything. I didn't want the heroine or hero in this story be happy at all and I could stand the sub-characters. When I read a book I would like to be able to at least only the heroine/hero of the story,...or at least one main character in this story. But all I kept feeling was disgust for the heroine and hero in this story. Either were able to admit to the wrong they have done to their love ones. All they saw was their own selfishness and greed for everything to go their way. I would have love to see some irony and karma in someway to this couple (Daisy/Adien). But instead they get everything they wanted. It was they like could do no wrong, they didn't grow at all through the two book. Both of them stayed the same. I think the only time I was happy was at the close end when Pete was able to put his anger aside and be happy; but even with that I want so much for the daughter to be his, just so everything doesn't work out for the main couple. Then the very felt me angry when I was proved wrong. Very few times have I read a book not likely any of the way the characters or the story of the book have turned out. Especially when it's a two book storyline. I was just very disappointed in not seeing any growth or any lesson learned. Or even correct apologies be given. Left me feeling UGH for the whole storyline.

  • Tracey
    2020-01-19 12:03

    In this second book, we learn that Daisy has been missing for five years. Both Pete and Aiden have been looking for her. After Pete left Daisy and she found out that she was duped by Aiden. (Although I feel that she didn't do anything she didn't want to do with Aiden.) Daisy took the money and ran, changed her identity and had her baby.Daisy went back home to visit her father and came face to face with her mother who attacked her out of grief and anger. Daisy left not knowing that the woman who took her to see her father is Pete's current girlfriend. Daisy's father dies and Aiden is sure she will return home for the funeral and he will finally have her in his life again. Things do go as he expects and he and Pete have words again.Things start to look up for Pete and Nina until he discovers that she kept the fact that she had information on Daisy as well as her whereabouts. He tells Nina that he has to go see Daisy that have unfinished business. In Aiden's world Donovan discovers Daisy's whereabouts by accident and inform Aiden. Aiden does what Aiden does best he sends Donovan in to handle things.A shock to both Aiden and Pete, Daisy has a child but who is the father. Pete claims he is and Aiden and Daisy are sure Aiden is. Things do not turn out as they hope and Aiden has pressure on all sides, Donovan and Mrs. Johnson, both of them want Aiden to leave Daisy alone for different reasons. Daisy made her choice...she chose Aiden, in her mind she never let go of Pete. In this book Daisy and Pete still needed to grow-up and stop thinking about themselves, both are still selfish in this one Pete more so than Daisy because he had not let go of what happened five years ago.

  • Alexis *Reality Bites*
    2020-01-25 08:06

    Spoiler Free Review --> BUT if you have not read the 1st book in this series do not read this review.-Inter-Racial love story"Right, little girls dream of the prince.... Little boys dream of slaying the dragon." -Aiden in Daisy's ChoiceIn Daisy's choice 5yrs after Aiden's Game the reader comes to see that Daisy is still living her life in the shadows and has not returned back to her family. That is until her father falls ill. Aiden and Pete have both been looking for daisy for 5yrs. And while Pete has moved on with his life he still struggles to love again and still feels the need to find and make peace with Daisy even though his trail ran cold 2yrs back. Aiden on the other hand has been more obsessed with finding her and refuses to stop until he has her. But once Daisy is found a secret comes out that changes everything for both Pete and Aiden. Decisions have to be made and deception runs deep even in the last sentence read from this book. I predict a book 3 and boy i cannot wait!!!*claps hands*:DMy RatingsCharacters- LikableWrting Style- GoodPlot/Storyline- FavorableOverall- Enjoyable

  • Mary
    2020-01-14 07:08

    Sienna Mynx should be applauded for writing such an enthralling sequel to Aiden's Game. This book had me captivated from the beginning to the very end.The love triangle between Daisy, Aiden and Pete is taken to another level in this story. Their character development is scrutinized to a level where we learn alot more about them all and what they really want in life. We are also treated to the introduction of Amy, Daisy's daughter, who everyone adores and loves. Her character's well being and paternity mystery is the centre of this epic taleThe storyline was filled with lots of drama, passion and suspense which made the book really hard to put down. The ending is left wide open, and I hope SM will continue this saga in another sequel.Thoroughly recommend this book, but make sure you read Aiden's Game first - it's gives you an insight to the main characters and how they met!

  • P.
    2020-01-23 13:58

    This sequeal was drama infused and hot! All the characters had some sort of drama happening even the supporting cast. By the end of Aiden's Game I thought Aiden was an a$$ and I was pulling for Pete. By the end of this book I was pulling for Aiden and thought Pete needed to man up and grow the F up. Daisy was annoying at times, heck all three main characters annoyed me at one time or another. But the story telling was so intense I couldn't put the darn thing down. Now I'm waiting for the conclusion to this saga. There's no way this saga can end with Aiden sitting on the truth about the paternity of Amy, especially since he is the father. I need to know what happened to Clara and JessieMae ( I hope they got their just desserts); Aiden's got to let Daisy know Amy's his daughter, and Pete needs to totally move on. A wrap-up is definitely needed.

  • Christiana
    2020-01-01 14:03

    This series is about to drive me's really good but... With these characters... U don't know who to love and who to dislike... They all pull at your heart strings...I do get aggravated with Daisy...even tho I shouldn't root for Aiden ...I find him to be my favorite... After the way this book ended... I know Daisy about to be all over the place again...I can't wait to read book 3...this is my 5th book by Minx... I now have a new favorite author... Very well written book... U know your book good.. When u lose sleep because u can't close the book...and when u nervous about going to the next chapter...because you afraid that it may not work the favor of your favorite character...this book is a roller coaster...I love it!

  • NJS
    2020-01-11 07:22

    This is the second book was really good. I loved all the drama. I picked it up at 1.30 am read till 7 am, slept for three hours then woke up to read for another 6 hours straight. I was engrossed with this novel! And unlike many romance books this was a novel. It was a full fledge story with a thorough plot and complex characters. It read kind of like a soap but I didn’t mind.I know a lot of people had a problem with the characters. They are not the stereotypical protagonist and antagonist or hero/heroine and villain characters. They have both qualities. But, I am okay with that. I am not afraid of flawed, messy or non ‘good guy’ characters.It was a tad long and redundant in some places but overall it was a great read. I love this author!

  • Connie
    2020-01-17 10:18

    Wow! Triple the length of the first book and triple the fun, surprises and twists and turns! It's been five years since Aiden paid Daisy one million dollars for one night together. Both he and Pete, Daisy's then boyfriend, have unsuccessfully searched for her. Both of them made Daisy feel cheap and worthless when she was far from it! Both Aiden and Pete share just as much responsibility, for this hot mess, as Daisy does. Well Aiden finally realized that Daisy not only left with that "dirty" money but she left with his heart as well! If and when they find her, are they willing to pay the cost for Daisy's forgiveness? And where does Nina, Pete's new girlfriend, fit in all this? And then, of course, there's Daisy hidden little secret. Can't wait for book #3.

  • Laverne Brewster
    2020-01-19 06:22

    3.75 stars. The one thing that I knew and wanted to confirm by reading this installment of the trilogy was that Daisy and Aiden loved and wanted each other; therefore, Aiden is Daisy's choice. I did not expect to find so much mud in the water: Daisy not wanting to know who sired her child, Pete unable to let go of Daisy and totally commit to Nina, his new girlfriend and Daisy denying her love for Aiden and Aiden huffing and puffing like the big bad wolf. That was just a small portion of the drama and it weighted the book down and made it hard to complete; despite all that, the ending was totally predictable.

  • Bonita
    2020-01-20 14:11

    I enjoyed this last installment of the Aiden's Game series but I feel the story is incomplete. I really liked most of the characters, in particular Aiden and Daisy. I got a bit sick of Peter's "put-upon/victimized" attitude and because of that, was team Aiden all the way. I probably fell for that bad boy reformed image. I really hope there is another installment. I think each of these characters have more to say and would like to know how they all fare. I enjoyed this book immensely! Still not as great as "Harmony" but...4 stars ain't shabby.

  • Cazy
    2020-01-23 06:14

    The storyline was great, drama, drama, drama, especially her mama(heh-heh). I hated everybody equally in the book. These characters had major personality flaws, and a lot of the book was Daisy coming to terms with those flaws including her own. The sex scenes between Aiden and Daisy were HOT HOT HOT! The only reason I gave this book 4 stars is the ending. I didn't like and it made no sense that . oops, I didn't know it was a trilogy. It gets a 5 then.

  • Tanesha
    2020-01-23 07:00

    I loved so many things about this book. Sexy read with a crazy, jealous, possessive hero. I loved the hero in this story. He was so bad, but would do anything to have the heroine. Although annoying at times, I even enjoyed reading about the heroine's family and their dynamics. On more than one occasion while reading the book, I found myself thinking "I love this book!" The only thing that stopped it from being a 5 star read was that the book could have used some editing. It was a little too long . Still a sexy and emotional read.

  • Toni
    2020-01-22 14:15

    I enjoyed Daisy's Choice even more then the first book. Again I will be letting my friends know about Daisy's Choice and about Sienna Mynx. The story flowed well and you were constantly holding your breath, wishing and hoping for certain outcomes. While the book ended well, my fingers are crossed that there will be another. No clues that I can find that it will continue. I'm hoping and wishing hard.

  • Ragatnia Clara
    2020-01-05 07:06

    Woah, I didn't know what to say. This story was absolutely a mess, the author really knows how to play with the emotions and arguments. Just like Black Butterfly, I skimmed it. The story was too long, I was not patient enough to handle with this messy-complicated things. By knowing Aiden was married and had little brother or sister for Amy, I was just satisfied. What could I say? I am happy-ending slave.

  • Cheryl
    2020-01-12 06:16

    This is the incredible second half of Aiden's game. The characters in this story were so vivid it was easy to conjure up visuals of each character.Every character within itself could stand alone and played and incredible part within the story. This story was about the true measure of love, frienship, respect and family. It was about truth,loyalty, forgiveness and exceptance. This was an amazing story and I would definitly recommend it.

  • Shelly
    2020-01-11 11:04

    3.5 STARS. The story line was great. The characters were great. I just couldn't follow everything that was going on, I found myself having to go back a page or two to make sure that I was following either the dialogue or the flow of thought. I feel like a jerk for saying this but the editing sucked so bad that it took away a lot of the enjoyment.

  • ~Charmer~the 1-click addict
    2020-01-20 13:24

    OMG! I loved it. I am not supposed to want a baby, but after reading this book I want one. Sienna Mynx out did herself. I laughed and cried with this one. I missed Aiden, and I adore sweet Amy. I hope I won't have to wait along time for the trilogy. These books hit alil close to home for me, but I still enjoy them.

  • Sonya
    2020-01-13 08:15

    I am a true Mynxer....another great read. I have seen some harsh reviews on the book/series but I loved it! It is very Indecent Proposal but fleshed out into an intriguing story of romance and karma. I thoroughly enjoyed Aiden and Daisy. I sat for hours today reading the trilogy and I was addicted!