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The third installment of the John Pickett series of humorous Regency mysteries finds Bow Street runner Pickett in Scotland investigating a woman found unconscious on the beach—a woman who bears a striking resemblance to the local laird’s daughter, a girl missing and presumed dead for the last fifteen years. Pickett is surprised and gratified to discover that the woman wasThe third installment of the John Pickett series of humorous Regency mysteries finds Bow Street runner Pickett in Scotland investigating a woman found unconscious on the beach—a woman who bears a striking resemblance to the local laird’s daughter, a girl missing and presumed dead for the last fifteen years. Pickett is surprised and gratified to discover that the woman was found by none other than Lady Fieldhurst and her three young nephews—and that her ladyship has registered at the seaside inn as Mrs. Julia Pickett. When old Angus Kirkbride dies only hours after announcing his intention of changing his will in his daughter’s favor, “Mr. and Mrs. Pickett” must join forces to discover the truth about a family reunion suddenly turned deadly....

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Family Plot Reviews

  • Lisa
    2020-01-20 08:00

    I love this John Pickett mystery series! The mysteries are clever and the subtle romance is delightful. The protagonists are such fun to watch. This third installment is just as good as the first two. Okay, so maybe they get better and better. John Pickett, who comes from dubious origins, is a brilliant, young Bow Street Runner who is imbued with integrity. He is a combination of intelligence and idealism. All of which is tempered by his humility. Somehow, he continues to cross paths with the fair Lady Julia Fieldhurst, the relieved widow of a viscount. She is, of course, well beyond his reach. But, somehow they find ways that they just seem to be drawn to one another. So much so, that when Lady Julia finds herself packed off to Scotland with her husband's young cousins and they want to travel incognito she decides on the pseudonym, Mrs. Pickett. But, the lark takes a different turn when Lady Julia and her charges discover what appears to be the body of a woman on their stroll by the sea. Someone must investigate! Hence, John Pickett to the rescue. There are many details to sift through to determine where the truth lies. But, you'll find a bit of happy distraction in John and Julia as they learn to interact as 'husband and wife'. I would never give away the ending of a book. But, oh, oh, oh! I cannot wait for the next book in the series!!!

  • Joan
    2020-01-10 06:59

    Family Plot is the third book in the highly enjoyable John Pickett mysteries. This time around the mystery is set I motion when Lady Julia Fieldhurst is banished to Scotland by her dead husband's relatives for making a social faux unfitting for a widow...catching sight of Mr. Pickett in the cheap pit seats at the theatre, she summoned the Bow Street runner up to the Fieldhurst's private family box. Julia is pressed into chaperoning the three sons of the current Lord Fieldhurt, thanks to their bigamist father, the three young boys are now declared illegitimate and no longer heirs to the Fieldhurst holdings. Julia and her young charges, all feeling the sting of the social restrictions of the Regency era, decide to cast off their identities and rebel a little. Instead of heading to her in-laws country home, the four stop at a seaside fishing village with Julia posing as the boys' aunt and she impulsively uses the name Mrs. Pickett, John's surname, to secure rooms incognito at the inn with her "nephews." It is while walking along the beach that one of the boys discovers a beautiful young woman lying half-drowned on the beach. After summoning help from the house where the woman is discovered, the woman thought to be the long-lost Elspeth Kirkbride who was thought drowned at sea fifteen years ago. Naturally, some members of the woman's wealthy family question the amnesiac story of the woman and a Bow Street runner from London is summoned to validate her identity.Back in London, despondent because he has lost all hopes of marrying the woman he loves and growing tired of virgin/celibate existence, John asks for a raise and confides in his mentor, Magistrate Colquhoun, that John plans to ask Lucy to marry him and in turn rescue her from a life of prostitution. Magistrate Colquhoun is horrified that John would only consider the two most extremes of the spectrum without consideration of better options. Magistrate Colquhoun decides that a fishing trip to his native Scotland would clear John's head and off they go. When John and Mr. Colquhoun arrive at the sea side inn, John is informed that a Mrs. Pickett has checked in, he is shown to her room, wherein he discovers that it is Julia. A series of humorous and intriguing events occur wherein Julia assist John in figuring out the mysterious woman's identity, following clues to a murder, and by the end of the story, the Bow Street Runner and the widowed Viscountess end up accidently married by Scottish law because Julia's claiming to be Mr. Pickett's wife was witnessed by others. It will be interesting to find out whether these two move beyond a passionate kiss or whether John's hopes will be crushed. I look d=forward to more mysteries and more relationship building with John and Julia.

  • Alice
    2020-01-21 10:10

    It's been a while since I've read a mystery that actually had me baffled! I was able to catch on part way through to some of the ins and outs; however then I could not for the life of me think how it would all be revealed and resolved! Elementary, my dear Sheri! Family Plot had all the elements I enjoyed in A Dead Bore - mystery, intrigue, comedy, romance, some history, Scottish "scenery", and a fantastic cast of characters! (I loved Robert and his literary antics early on in the book! :D) John Pickett & Lady Julia Fieldhurst were just as hilarious and chummy as they were before- creating some great memories and winding up in so many strange and humorous situations as always!After a slightly cliff-hanger(no pun intended) ending, I am really looking forward to the next installment in this saga. (Maybe this time our hero and heroine will join long-lasting forces and become an inseparable team. :))Thanks, Sheri, for this grand and entertaining step-back in time. <3

  • D Johnson
    2020-01-15 08:07

    Family Plot was the first of the John Pickett series I have read, but will definitely not be the last! Family Plot drew me in from the very beginning. From the encounter in London and throughout the trip and time in Scotland the descriptive narrative surrounds you with the feeling you are there. The turn of events leaves you longing to read the next chapter. The many twists and turns keep you intrigued until you find out that......can't give away the ending. Elegant, mysterious and exciting, not to mention the blushing encounters of John Pickett and Lady Fieldhurst. I will be anxiously awaiting the next John Pickett mystery!

  • Sally
    2019-12-25 07:00

    I'm going to consolidate (repeat myself) reviews of this series, numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 4.5 and 5 because I had to get through all of those to resolve the romantic story begun in the the first book. I supposed most women like a touch of romance and these have it, albeit full of angst that is drawn out over a time period of about 10 months. I got impatient with the progress of the romance taking so long. I would characterize these stories as Romance with only a touch of Mystery rather than the other way around. At least there were mysteries to be solved by the Bow Street Runner, John Pickett and he was good enough to figure it out. I figured them out pretty easily myself.I very much liked John Pickett. In my mind I pictured Colin Firth (as seen in Pride and Prejudice, except with longer hair). I could not quite get a visual image of the Lady Fieldhurst in my mind. I felt a little jolted every time it referred to her as a golden-haired blonde, so I suppose I thought she ought to be a dark-haired beauty.The audiobook narrator, Joel Froomkin was pretty amazing. You'd swear it was another reader doing the female voices, as they sounded so naturally female. I did have a little problem, as a listener, with the heavy Scottish accents he used in Book 3, Family Plot, but felt that he probably did those fairly true to dialect and my ear was just not tuned in for the accents. (I was a bit curious to know if the print version had the dialect written out or if Mr. Froomkin just knew how to do them.)There is a Book 6, but I might be satisfied to imagine that the romantic couple will live happily every after.

  • Norma
    2020-01-05 11:59

    ( Format : Audiobook )"I shall be Mrs.Pickett"A well written, amusing Regency mystery set in London and Scotland. The young Bow Street Runner, John Pickett, is called to investigate the identity of a woman apparently returning to her family home after being believed dead for fifteen years. To his surprise, he finds a 'Mrs.Pickett' already in residence at the local Inn.This delightful story has everything: mystery, murder, mistaken identity and burgeoning forbidden romance where status can determine who can be loved. Great dialogue, too.All is deliciously narrated by Joel Froomkin, whose very pleasant, well paced and articulated English accented reading contrasts with his wonderful Scottish conversations, everything delivered with the lightest of touches, emphasising the comedic content but never simply playing it for laughs. An excellent performance.In part an historic comedy of manners, wrapped into a really good story of deception and intrigue, with realistic characters and an above usual narration, this is a book to be enjoyed by everyone with a delight in crime thrillers. My thanks to the rights holder of Family Plot, not only for freely gifting me a complementary copy, via Audiobook Boom, but also, in so doing, for introducing me to this John Pickett series.A real pleasure

  • Nicole Hamilton
    2020-01-12 09:53

    I was given a free copy of this audiobook by the author in exchange for an honest review.I am very grateful for the free audiobook! I have enjoyed this series so much. It is well-plotted, humorous, diverting, engaging, witty, well-written, and overall entertaining. I enjoyed the two books that preceded this installment in the series, and the third one did not disappoint. I love seeing how Pickett and Lady Fieldhurst interact. This book intensified their connection even more -- which made the cliffhanger at the end even more tantalizing! (In all honesty: the romance does not overshadow the mystery, for those who are purists. I am first and foremost a mystery reader ... but I can appreciate a romantic element under the mystery.) I cannot wait to read the next installment, given how this book ended.

  • Jessica
    2020-01-02 11:00

    "A Very Fun Mystery"I thoroughly enjoyed this fun regency mystery. I especially liked that the whole of the mystery wasn't overly obvious and threw a bit of a twist in there to keep you guessing. I have not previously listened to the first 2 books in the series but was able to catch up quickly. There is a good bit of light humor in some of the interactions and antics some of the characters get up to. I will be eager to see what happens in the next book as this one ended on a bit of a surprise & mild cliffhanger. Joel Leslie Froomkin did an excellent performance of Family Plot, I always enjoy his voices and accents. I received a copy of this audiobook at my request and am providing this honest unbiased review.

  • Suzan
    2020-01-07 12:18

    This is book 3 in the John Pickett mystery series. It is the first in the series that I have read. I enjoyed this book . The interaction between Lady Julia and Jon Pickett is fun. Joel Frookin does a wonderful job narrating this book. I will be looking for more books narrated by Joel and more books in this series.I was gifted this book with the understanding that I would leave an honest review.

  • Linda
    2020-01-19 13:03

    I love all the John Pickett Mysteries--more for the characters than the mysteries, but the mysteries are still fun. Bow Street Runner, John Pickett, and Lady Fieldhurst are delightful characters with nothing whatsoever in common except--as the series continues--a love for each other that should not be. In most cases. Read them in order if at all possible.

  • Reader
    2019-12-28 14:03

    L. O. bleeding L. If Little Edward's last scene in this book isn't priceless, I don't know what is. There's too much to love and say about Family Plot so I'm only going to say, read the book; you won't be disappointed. Not in the least.

  • Sheridan Colbourn
    2020-01-01 12:09

    A delightful tale of you like recency talesThe setting and story were reminiscent of Georget Heyer. The twists in the plot were unexpected. This series is delightful.

  • Misti
    2020-01-14 08:51

    This continues to be a very fun series. Off to the next book...

  • bibliolatry
    2019-12-26 07:55

    So good!

  • QNPoohBear
    2020-01-15 10:14

    Julia is bored in London under strict confines of her late husband's family. A minor indiscretion at the theater gets her banished to Scotland with George Bertram's three sons. The boys are having a tough time dealing with their change in status and need a change. Julia also wants to get away from her notoriety and decides to take the boys to the ocean instead. As Mrs. Pickett, traveling with her nephews, Julia believes they will have a peaceful vacation. That wish couldn't be farther from the truth. When the boys discover the body of a woman washed ashore, the "Picketts" suddenly get swept up in a tale of a prodigal daughter returned after fifteen years. Old Angus Kirkbride isn't sure the woman is his daughter Elspeth so he sends for a Bow Street Runner. John Pickett is mooning over Julia but plans to marry Lucy in a fit of philanthropy. When his mentor gets the message from Scotland, he whisks John off to investigate. John is suddenly thrown into Julia's orbit once again. He must continually mind his place, Julia is too far above him, as his mentor keeps reminding him. As inheritance issues arise and old scandals are dredged up, and someone ends up dead John must focus on his duty, but it's very difficult since the innkeeper believes him to be Julia's husband!I could not put this down. The reader is clued in to the mystery right away but there are still surprises in store. I wasn't entirely surprised by any of the revelations though. It seemed pretty obvious to me but I wasn't 100% convinced. The romance finally gets off the ground but the author ended with a twist and I need more NOW! I just love the chemistry between John and Julia. He's so cute and she's trying so hard to be a lady but when the two are together, there's chemistry. They're so sweet! The new characters aren't very likable. The Kirkbrides are a proud, old family with the usual problems. Elspeth was a headstrong teenager who was so spoiled and obnoxious, she threw it all away. What happened to her in the meantime is unknown. She doesn't seem a whole lot more likeable as an adult. She cares about her father, nominally, anyway. I don't know how much of her is an act and that's a problem. Her revelations at the end didn't surprise me much. Her cousins are both unlikable. One is too nice to be true and one is always angry whenever Elspeth is around. He's the only one I have respect for because he didn't welcome her with open arms. He was properly skeptical. I found Gavin a bit too slick for my tastes. His London manners don't impress me much. George's boys: Harold, Robert and Edward are having a tough time. I don't really feel all that bad for them because they still have all the privileges of wealth and that upbringing, unlike John. As Julia points out, they might be better off being free of the restrictions being heirs to a Viscount brings. I feel intense sympathy for Edward. I too get sick if I sit in the middle, or backwards. The boys add some comic relief to the plot, which is nice because this one is pretty heavy.Content: Veiled discussion of male sexual innocence; discussion of what happens to actresses who are no longer young and beautiful; discussion of Elspeth being caught in flagrante delicto with a stable lad; one young man mauling a woman and one passionate kiss (no tongues).

  • Opal
    2020-01-18 07:53

    Lady Julia Fieldhurst and John Pickett are back in action investigating the truth behind a mysterious lady who is washed up on the shore in Scotland. The mystery lady has amnesia and has been claimed by a family as a long lost step-daughter. Naturally old family rivalries and jealousies are aroused as there is an inheritance in question. There are 2 nephews fighting it out, a missing stable hand and more in the mix.To complicate matters the Lady ( Julia) and the Bow Street Running ( John) need to pretend to be married. How will they manage with nosy nephews ( Julia's this time) and cynical bosses ( Johns superior)?The mystery is an excellent one as it is always in this series. You are kept guessing till the denouement.Julia and John's impossible-seeming romance progresses another step ( it was a kiss out of necessity in the last book, now it progresses to kiss with desire...)While I look forward to the next in the series, I really have a lot of reservations about this story. The previous book, had a few loose ends. This has too many contrived situations - to force intimacy, and increase suspense.**Spoilers ahead** Some of the questions you end up with as you read:- Why is Julia sent off alone with 3 boys (now on the wrong side of the blanket) What happened to Nanny/Governess/Footman?/trusted coachman? anybody? Ladies in those days did not -and -were not expected to babysit their own children. Why would she be sent off alone with 3 nephews ranging from ages 8 to 18? - Julia picks the name 'Mrs.Pickett' for herself so she can stay incognito and escape the scandal ( of her husbands death) for a while. When John Pickett ends up at the same inn, the same out-of-the-way place in Scotland ( what a coincidence!) why does he need to pretend to be her husband? Just because they share the same surname? Really? This just feels contrived to get them into compromising situations. He could have been her husband's brother / cousin/ just another man with the same surname! - The ending is too hasty with lovers suddenly throwing themselves in each others arms ( not John - Julia) and everything resolved. 3 deaths are swept under the carpet. 1 death could be explained as an accident. 2 as coincidence. 3 deaths cannot be swept away with the wave of a hand and a flimsy explanation about accidents! The remaining people would be viewed with suspicion all their lives. Looks like the authors deadline to submit the finished book played a hand there.There are more, but I don't want to list all the things that made me snort in disbelief. I do hope the author thinks through the plot - especially in terms of how she brings the interaction between the two main characters & ties up the loose ends- in her next book!

  • Linda Banche
    2020-01-02 08:02

    John Pickett is back!If you’re like me, you’ve been waiting for Sheri Cobb South's Regency mystery FAMILY PLOT, the continuing story of the mutual attraction between Bow Street Runner John Pickett and the widowed Julia, Lady Fieldhurst.The Fieldhursts have banished Julia to Scotland because of the unwanted attention her husband’s murder has attracted, and also because she pays too much attention to a certain Bow Street Runner. As long as they’re banishing her, they use her as an escort and babysitter for the current Lord Fieldhurst’s sons. En route to the nobleman’s estate, they take a detour to the coast, and to prevent anyone from tracing them, Julia assumes the name Mrs. Pickett.Things heat up when a woman washes ashore, one who professes she’s the long-lost daughter of a prominent local family. Things heat up more when the family hires John Pickett to investigate the woman’s story. Not only does he find secrets, but also a “wife” he didn’t know he had, and one he desperately wants to claim.Ms. South has crafted a fine Regency, full of the language and social customs of the time, the continuing love interest of John and Julia, and a mystery convoluted enough to satisfy die-hard fans of the genre.But the best part of the novel is the dance between John and Julia as they try to deny their increasing feelings for each other. Who says you need sex in a story? I much prefer the slow burn between John and Julia.I love John Pickett. He’s the best type of hero: honorable, competent, intelligent, kind, self-made. And he’s young and gorgeous, too, which certainly doesn’t hurt. He’s also madly in love with Julia, and she with him, but the social gulf which separates a Bow Street Runner, son of a pickpocket, from a well-born widow of a baron, is too vast for them to bridge. Or is it? Will true love triumph?Julia shows herself to be more than just a pretty face. Bullied by her husband’s family and the customs of the time, she questions why she lets this happen. Her transformation is at hand, and by the finale she proves herself a woman to be reckoned with. My kind of heroine.If you’re rooting for John and Julia, you’ll adore the end! But don’t peek. Save the surprise for the last. You’ll be glad you did.ARC provided by the author

  • Barbara
    2020-01-25 11:10

    Most certainly the best so far. Not simplistic, some humor and a great ending.

  • Melanie
    2020-01-04 08:07

    Full review available on All About Romance - Lady Julia Fieldhurst is banished by her late husband's family (along with her three nephews), she wasn't expecting to stumble upon a body on the beach. Luckily, the body in question survives, but this leads to a new conundrum - is this truly the long lost daughter of the local Laird? Or is she an imposter, looking to cause trouble or to get her hands on the inheritance from an old, ill man? Plus, in her attempt to stay anonymous, Julia had given the name Pickett to the innkeeper - who do you guess is called from London to investigate?Okay, let’s get the actual historical question out of the way first - didn’t the Bow Street Runners operate in London? I looked around and found no evidence that they would have gone (or even been called) to Scotland. Usually, snags like this in a story bother me - I am too much an academic at heart, I guess, to just ignore them. Luckily, I was able to set it aside, as the relationship between John and Julia was really too cute to miss.I really enjoyed both John and Julia - their backstory is alluded to throughout their conversations (the short version is Julia was suspected of her husband’s murder, and John was the only one both able and willing to help her), and definitely colors their relationship. I am always on the lookout for new historical mysteries, especially those with a light (or occasionally heavy) hand of romance, and I’m glad I picked this one up. The mystery was definitely the star of the show here, which was a nice change, and at times it read a lot like classic Sherlock Holmes, complete with interrogation scenes, scoping out the crime scenes, and the big reveal at the end.

  • Patsyann
    2020-01-10 10:55

    I don't know what I like best about this book - the mystery or the romance between the two best characters I have read about in a long time. The looks, the longing - oh and in between a couple murders.Is John pursuing Julia, or is Julia pursuing John? Lady Fieldhurst finds the murders, and John is sent to solve them and the pursuit begins!! John is more aware of the social mores then Julia is while she just enjoys the friendship. And in this book John's mentor tries to keep the two lovers apart and tries to keep them together. And there is one big kiss!!Loved this book!BEST USE OF: Attending the theater, nephews and black dressesALPHA MALE 8SPUNKY HEROINE 8CUTE KID(S) 10IMPLIED SEX 0HEA(HAPPILY EVER AFTER) Not yet!!PROLOGUE/EPILOGUE Prologue onlyRating System9 - Excellent Heat Level1 – Lots of kissing, the promise of some more kisses and maybe the promise of marital sex?!?!COVER COVERS IT: This cover does cover it!! It shows the rock coast that played an important part in the story.HOLLYWOOD CALLING: OK- so while reading I tried to picture this as a PBS series .

  • April
    2020-01-16 09:13

    I enjoyed this 3rd installation in the John Pickett series. Pickett is a lowly Bow Street runner in love with Lady Fieldhurst, whom he rescued in a previous book. In this one, they run into each other on the Scottish coast, after she has impulsively run away with her three bastard nephews for a break from censorious acquaintances. However, they stumble upon a body on the beach their first day and a Bow Street runner (guess who?) is called in to investigate. Since she had given her name to the innkeeper as Pickett to remain anonymous, everyone (except his boss) thinks they are married, something which leads to your typical Regency situation. I enjoyed the characters, both major and minor, and would like to see what next is in store for the two of them.

  • Alice
    2020-01-23 06:51

    Book 3: ScotlandThe Viscountess takes a trip to Scotland with her 3 young cousins to get away from London scandals. A stop at the sea shore for the boys turns into another case for a Bow Street Runner after they find the body of a beautiful lady lying in the sand. Who else but John Pickett arrives to work with the Viscountess who has cleverly disguised herself as Mrs. John Pickett. This is significant because remember that they are in Scotland.What a delightful series. The almost romance intensifies, more murder occurs, danger threatens and all ends with a surprising revelation. Best read in order as this is how the relationship is developing.

  • Judith
    2019-12-30 07:55

    I discovered this third volume in the series and will proceed to get volumes 1 and 2. The two main characters are charming enough, and the three nephews Julia shepherds are drawn very realistically. Though 4/5 of the way through some of the mystery is clear to the reader, the last few pages do contain surprises. I would like a little more detail in the setting and in the characters--the book was a little short; hence my 4 stars. Still I highly recommend this series, taking place apparently during the 1800-1810, I would guess.

  • Roberta2
    2020-01-10 08:52

    I am enjoying this series by Sheri Cobb South. John Pickett is a likable hero. Be sure to start with Pickpocket's Apprentice, the novella which explains how Mr. Pickett became a Bow Street Runner. The mysteries he solves are not convoluted which is a relief, and the growing relationship between Mr. Pickett and his lady makes me impatient for the next installment. The prior two books in the series are In Milady's Chamber and A Dead Bore.

  • Marley
    2020-01-09 08:02

    I didn''t quite like this entry as much as I did the others, but there are so many good tings to say about it I'm giving it a 5 star rating anyay. Characaters are developing nicely, and I was really happy to see Harold and his brothers play a big role in this one. Their situation is unhappy and clearly Julia will help them overcome the scandal of their birth caused by their snobby father He has to get his comupance at some pont. .

  • Georgia Carvalho
    2019-12-30 12:04

    This was the first book by Sheri Cobb South I read. I really enjoyed her writing and the plot kept my attention throughout. I also thought the relationship between the two protagonists moved in a good direction. I can't wait to see what the next installment brings. The setting in Scotland and the younger characters were charming. I would certainly recommend this book to readers of cozy mysteries and historical fiction.

  • Rhonda K
    2019-12-26 06:17

    I loved this story! Mystery and romance set in a Regency era seaside Scottish town. It's third in a series (John Pickett mysteries) and pairs Bow Street Runner John Pickett with the widowed Lady Fieldhurst, who along with her three nephews, has discovered a woman washed up on the beach. Everything about this story was perfect, especially the unexpected romantic element. I can't wait to go back to read the first two installments!

  • Andrea
    2019-12-26 06:06

    I really enjoy this series, and am waiting eagerly for the fourth installment. This one is set in Scotland, with a mystery centered around mysterious identities and possible fraud. John Pickett and Lady Fairhurst are as amusing and engaging as ever.

  • Laura
    2020-01-17 12:07

    Enjoyable mystery, still loving the interaction between Mr. John Pickett and Lady Fieldhurst. The ending threw me for a loop - did she really just say what I thought she said?!!!Looking forward to the next in the series.

  • Norma J. Ray
    2020-01-19 12:51

    Pleasant light read Love the twists and turns, the relationship between my lady and the Bow Street Runner. So far, great series. Usually pretty easy to figure who did it.