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Wallace, a mouse, could do almost anything. Anything that is, as long as he had a list. Wallace is a shy mouse. He writes lists. Lists of recipes, funny words, and frightening experiences. Wallace meets his lively neighbor named Albert. His world is swiftly opened to new delights, such as painting and music. Wallace and Albert experience the excitement of an adventure, andWallace, a mouse, could do almost anything. Anything that is, as long as he had a list. Wallace is a shy mouse. He writes lists. Lists of recipes, funny words, and frightening experiences. Wallace meets his lively neighbor named Albert. His world is swiftly opened to new delights, such as painting and music. Wallace and Albert experience the excitement of an adventure, and Wallace discovers a new joy. Friendship....

Title : Wallace's Lists
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ISBN : 9780060002244
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 40 Pages
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Wallace's Lists Reviews

  • Gordon Pennington
    2020-01-05 05:58

    Wallace's Lists is a book where the little mouse Wallace always makes a list. If it's not on his list, he doesn't do it. However, when Wallace meets Albert, a spontaneous mouse, he has an adventure at the airport which is completely against his nature! This was a fun read. The illustrations match the playfulness of the text. This book promotes a little spontaneity in everyone's life, which is a good message. I would recommend this in any classroom, especially if one could tie in a list theme.

  • Katie Curry
    2020-01-12 05:16

    This book is about Wallace, a mouse who cannot function without his lists. When Wallace meets Albert, he begins to realize that some spontaneity can be a good thing.I would use this book in my classroom to talk about how adventures don't always have to be planned, cost money, or even be an over-the-top kind of vacation; instead, I would encourage my students to make their own adventures in what they have. I would then have my students illustrate their greatest adventure thus far in their life.

  • Dylan & Belle at LearnPlayFun
    2020-01-10 05:14

    Rated and reviewed Dylan, age 7It's about a mouse who wanted to use lists and maps. He found a new friend. He used to not like adventures but in the end he does like adventures. My favorite part was at the airport, saving his friend. I liked the airplanes. I liked how they drew them.

  • Rosa Cline
    2019-12-29 06:16

    Two mice one only does things on his list; the other by whatever he thinks will be fun. They quickly become friends and although it's not on his list Wallace becomes worried about his friend when the storms come and knowing his friend would be in the middle of it in his airplane. So he goes against his list and goes in search of him. Finding out that having fun and making memories are more important than having a list for everything. A fun story to read. I read this out loud to my adult special needs son and he giggled and smiled throughout this story.

  • Sidney Chumbler
    2020-01-22 04:13

    This book is really entertaining and I see a lot of Wallace in me. He likes to make lists and not go on adventures so that knows what he is going to accomplish at all times. Soon he meets a friend and he learns that a little adventure is fun and having a friend and someone to do things with makes life even better

  • Susan
    2020-01-27 12:04

    A funny, cute book about a little mouse, Wallace, who always has to follow his lists. Until the day he meets fun-loving Albert, who isn’t afraid to take chances. Great story about friendship & risk-taking. (Library)

  • Megan Cureton
    2020-01-21 10:59

    Wallace's Lists was a great book about a mouse that literally had/made a list for every single thing he did each day. If it wasn't written on the list, then Wallace wasn't doing it. One day, he didn't even say hello to his new neighbor because it wasn't written on his list. He eventually speaks to his new neighbor and finds out that his new friend is very adventurous and likes to try new things. They start to hangout more and more. They start to become close and plan to have an adventure to a special place Wallace wants to visit. Wallace has found out that friendship is more important that making lists all the time and start enjoying life. I like that the moral of the story is telling kids that it is okay to try new things and to be flexible. When stuff doesn't always go the way you want it to, you just have to roll with it and overcome the situation. The illustrations on each page were very nice and detailed. I thought that the images were appropriate for how much text was on each page and the images followed the text very well. The images were portrayed very nicely and you could almost look at the picture and know what was going on and you wouldn't have to read the text. I think the younger children would enjoy this book more and have more fun with it, but the moral of the story is good for all ages, because every one needs to know that it is okay to try new things and to be flexible.

  • Mycala
    2020-01-01 06:03

    I wonder if there was intention in the name of our list-making friend. I can't help but wonder, considering Irving Wallace and his Book of Lists. Coincidence or not, this is a cute story. In recent years, I have received some profound messages from children's books. (Tear Soup and Sunny Side Up come to mind immediately!)As a lover of lists, I found some things in common with Wallace. Of course, as it's a children's book, they're a little heavy-handed on those of us list-makers. We are nervous, quiet, know nothing of music or culture, and apparently we won't do anything unless we wrote it on our list first thing in the morning. Also, watching clothes roll around the dryer is a real good time. Of course, if you're not a list-maker, you will do dangerous things like teeter on top of a step ladder with a power tool like Albert, Wallace's new neighbor.It may be a little heavy-handed at the beginning, but this is an adorable book that shows the importance of compromise and stepping out of one's comfort zone in order to meet new people and maybe even make a friend.

  • Courtney
    2020-01-24 10:51

    Wallace is a mouse who does everything according to his list. He makes lists of everything! One day, he meets another mouse named Albert who he wants to become friends with. Albert loves changing his mind, not following lists, and going on crazy mouse adventures! When Albert decides to go on an unsafe adventure by himself, Wallace goes way outside of his comfort zone, and saves his friend. When Wallace gets home, he has a great list to make of all his adventures, and another list of his best friend: Albert. This is such a sweet book, and I would recommend it to everyone regardless of their age! As a fellow list-maker, I feel Wallace's struggles. Well, maybe not to his extreme, but in a sense. He never strays from his list, and I think that's something everyone deals with. Sometimes in life, we get so used to our routines that we forget to have super awesome adventures! This book tugged at my heartstrings. :]

  • Jaime Johnson
    2019-12-28 08:14

    Wallace was a mouse that had a list for EVERYTHING. If it wasn't on the list, Wallace couldn't do it. So one day, he runs into his new neighbor, Albert. Albert is the exact opposite of Wallace. He loves adventures and does whatever he wants whenever he wants to. Throughout the story, Wallace becomes more and more adventurous and even shows Albert a good time. In the end, Wallace still made lists, but his favorite list was his one that had Albert on it; his best friend list. The point of view of this story is narrative mode and the main ideas of this story is friendship and adventure. I would recommend this book. It was fun to read and the format of the book is fun. I didn't love the book but I did like what you can take from the story. This book will teach children to have fun and be adventurous.

  • Dannielle Smith
    2020-01-07 07:56

    Wallace's List is a cute story about a mouse who is a little OCD. He has lists on everything from what to do for the day to what he likes. If something isn't on his list he doesn't do it. The story continues and Wallace meets a new friend named Albert. Albert is the key for Wallace to realize that life isn't about lists its about the adventures you have. This book is a great way to let students who may have anxiety issues or OCD issues know that it's ok to be a little unorganized. We can use this book as an example that even though Wallace at first didn't want to abandon his lists and organization, he finally did to go out and search for his friend. Wallace shows students that a little adventure is a great thing to have and that if you always try to control what happens you may miss out on the time of your life.

  • Jessie
    2020-01-07 11:08

    Wallace's List is about a mouse named Wallace. Wallace can only do what is on his list. One day his neighbor says hi to him but Wallace is unable to say hi, although he wants to, because it is not on his list. Wallace makes a new list so that he can go say hi to his neighbor. The story continues and Wallace wants to become friends with his neighbor but of course,this is not on his list. Wallace ends up learning that it is okay to do things that are not on his list. This is a great book to teach students how to be flexible. My practicum teachers used it with her 3rd and 5th grade students in their social skills class. The kids loved it!

  • Ina Silverness
    2020-01-07 08:54

    Wallace's Lists is about a mouse named Wallace who makes lists about everything and does not stray off of his list. He meets another mouse named Albert who is very adventurous and does not make lists.Wallace's Lists could be used during the first week of school to show students that every one is unique and no two people are the same. It could also be used during Social Studies when showing transportation or Geography. It could be used for students who may have trouble with organization to learn the skill of making lists. An extension of having the students make their own lists could be used as well.

  • Amy Heilman
    2020-01-21 04:52

    This story is about a mouse named Wallace and how he loves to make lists. He even makes lists for lists. One day Wallace meets his new neighbor and the neighbor takes him on crazy adventures. These adventures are not on his lists and he is very uncomfortable with that. His friend wished for them to go on an amazing trip and Wallace is not keen on the idea. Wallace drops by his friends one day to find he is not there and goes on a trip that was not covered in his list in order to find his dear friend. He is found at the end and Wallace becomes the crazy, not so list following, mouse.

  • Dolly
    2020-01-21 10:11

    This is a bit of a strange tale about a somewhat-OCD mouse who cannot do anything unless it is written on a list (sometimes I feel like him, tied to my to-do list!) His life is orderly, practical and comforting...and boring. Albert is a free spirit, who does things as the spirit hits him and is much more adventurous and spontaneous. Together, they form a friendship and explore the world around them, somewhat to Wallace's discomfort. It's an interesting tale, with fun and colorful illustrations. We enjoyed reading this story together.

  • Sarah
    2020-01-09 10:03

    Wallace is hyper-organized. He writes down everything he wants to accomplish in a day and does everything on the list...nothing more and nothing less. When he meets a new neighbor, his logical sequence is challenged by the idea of having an unplanned adventure. It's hard for Wallace to grasp the concept, but he's enjoying his new friend's company so much, he might just have to take the plunge and do something unexpected. Cartoony illustrations with scrapbook style excerpts from his lists support the story and add charm.

  • Kathryn
    2020-01-12 03:56

    Wallace is a mouse who loves to write lists for everything. He meets his neighbor who does what he wants and when he wants to. These two form an unlikely friendship and bond, and Wallace's new friend teaches him that he doesn't need a list for everything to have fun. This would be great to start teaching students about making lists and how they can be helpful for remembering information. This can also be used to encourage kids to do what they want and nothing, even if is not on your list, can stop you from achieving those goals.

  • Alexis
    2020-01-10 08:18

    Wallace refuses to do anything that is not on his list and does not enjoy the idea of going on an adventure, but his new friend invites him on one anyway. After denying his friend's request, Wallace rushes to find his friend and goes through various activities that he hates. He ends up loving adventures and continues to make lists. I would use this to encourage students to be organized, make goals and lists, and to try to new things like Wallace ended up doing.

  • Christy
    2020-01-07 04:55

    Wallace, a mouse, could do almost anything. Anything that is, as long as he had a list. Wallace is a shy mouse. He writes lists. Lists of recipes, funny words, and frightening experiences. Wallace meets his lively neighbor named Albert. His world is swiftly opened to new delights, such as painting and music. Wallace and Albert experience the excitement of an adventure, and Wallace discovers a new joy. Friendship.

  • Lindsey
    2020-01-25 04:16

    Wallace is a smart mouse, and he has lists for everything. In fact, if something is not on his list, he simply can't do it. Then Wallace makes friends with a mouse named Albert, who is very impulsive and would never make lists. They each learn something from the other, and become very great friends. This story could be used to talk about the conventions of list writing, as well as friendship and how its good to be organized, but also good to do something different once in a while.

  • Priscilla Schelling
    2019-12-28 09:04

    This story shows the journey of being an egocentric mouse who has no friends to being a more confident mouse who finds a friend and takes risks. Teachers need to teach their students to get out of their comfort zone and take risks in school. Some people don't try because they are scared of failure, but if they are taught that it's okay to take risks, they may achieve things that they never dreamed was possible.

  • Traci Bold
    2020-01-02 06:18

    Wallace made a list for everything. He can do anything as long as he has a list for it. But when he makes a new friend who never uses a list, will the friendship last? Wonderful picture book about differences and how these differences may help form new friendships that last. By Barbara Bottner (Author), Gerald Kruglik (Author), Olof Landstrom (Illustrator). Published as a Katherine Tegen Book.#friendship #OCD #differences

  • Milo
    2019-12-29 07:05

    Papa likes that Wallace learns to try new things and cares about his new friend Albert. Great story to help reluctant kids see that trying new things may bring difficulties like getting wet or lost but can lead to unexpected fun, adventures and personal growth. A sweet story with fun illustrations done in a clean, accessible style.I can tell he really like this book by how many times he asked to read it.Milo also likes the words "Glockamorra" and "Walla Walla".

  • Andrea Tuura
    2020-01-04 05:54

    Wallace lives each day according to his lists, until he meets easygoing Albert. Albert teaches Wallace to be more adventurous and that it's okay to do what you want, even if it's not on your list.This book would be great for teaching children how to make lists (for organization or writing), science, and social studies. I think this book also illustrates how people with differing personalities can learn from each other and be friends.

  • Alison
    2020-01-27 09:55

    This story reminded me of myself and my college life. It tells of a mouse who goes throughout his day acting out things on his list. When later his new neighbor goes off on an adventure in the middle of a rain storm and Wallace has to find him, is when he realizes just how enjoyable taking risks are. I would use this to show my students that risk taking can be scary, dangerous, and even frustrating but they will always have a positive outcome.

  • Alison Durbin
    2020-01-09 07:09

    I think that this book would be great in teaching students about taking risks in life. Lists can be a good way to stay organized, but not wanting to stray from a highly structured life can have its disadvantages. This book shows, through beautiful illustrations, just how much fun life can be if you are willing to take risks. You can even meet your best friend that you otherwise would not have met.

  • Katie Nanney
    2020-01-20 11:03

    I liked this book a lot because I could relate to it. I write lists and plan ahead when I can like Wallace. This book reminded me that you don't have to have everything planned out and it's okay to do spur of the moment things like go on an adventure. I would use this book as a read-aloud or let my 1-2 graders read it. It's entertaining and has an important message about getting out of your comfort zone to explore and learn new things.

  • Karla Kulyas
    2020-01-21 04:53

    The main character Wallace is a mouse, for everything he does he uses a list. He will not do something if it is not on his list of things to do. He meets a friend Albert and Albert helps to draw him away from using his list so critically. This could be used to help students with creating lists and different ideas for lists. It also teaches students that it is okay to do things that are not on your list.

  • Alma Loredo
    2020-01-07 09:20

    Wallace has a list for everything. Albert his new neighbor introduced himself and Wallace did too but it was not on his list. Later that day he went to introduce himself. Albert loved adventures and Wallace did not. Albert invited Wallace to his adventure the next day. Wallace did not hear him knocking but saw that it was raining and thundering. He knew he has to find Albert and warn him. So he went out and everything he hated happened to him. They began being adventureous together,

  • Emilly
    2019-12-30 07:15

    I really enjoyed this book! i thought the story was funny and cute and the illustrations were great! I think that this book would be great to have in a classroom and teach children about trying new things. I love that the book was about a mouse who did very human things, i thought that made it funny and a little silly. I would highly recommend this book!