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When Julia, Lady Fieldhurst, returns from Scotland restless and out of sorts, her friend Emily Dunnington plans a select dinner party with half a dozen male guests from whom Julia may choose a lover. But Emily's dinner ends in disaster when one of her guests, Sir Reginald Montague, is shot dead. When Bow Street Runner John Pickett is summoned to Emily's house, he is facedWhen Julia, Lady Fieldhurst, returns from Scotland restless and out of sorts, her friend Emily Dunnington plans a select dinner party with half a dozen male guests from whom Julia may choose a lover. But Emily's dinner ends in disaster when one of her guests, Sir Reginald Montague, is shot dead. When Bow Street Runner John Pickett is summoned to Emily's house, he is faced with the awkward task of informing Lady Fieldhurst that their recent masquerade as a married couple (Family Plot) has resulted in their being legally wed. Beset by distractions--including the humiliating annulment procedure and the flattering attentions of Lady Dunnington's pretty young housemaid--Pickett must find the killer of a man whom everyone has reason to want dead....

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Dinner Most Deadly Reviews

  • Amy
    2020-01-20 08:09

    I loved the previous three books in this series and was delighted to be offered the chance to offer an honest review for an ARC .This series just gets better and better! Dinner Most Deadly was a fast fun read and I literally couldn't put it down.What I loved -*The mystery was well done and the identity of the murderer was foreshadowed cleverly. I had a few guesses but didn't know for sure until the final reveal.*There were multiple romantic sub-plots and I was reminded of Agatha Christie books where not only the mystery was solved at the end but many of the character's personal problems. We learned more back story about some of the minor characters from previous books and I enjoyed seeing them happy at the end of this book. *Lots of humor. I almost woke the baby up from a nap laughing at one part. This book could be read as a stand alone book but I think it would be enjoyed so much more if it was read after the previous books. The back story really makes this a fun read.

  • Joan
    2019-12-28 11:57

    "Dinner Most Deadly" is the fourth book in this series and while it moved the plotline along, I didn't enjoy this one as much as the previous three books. In the previous book John and Julia discovered that they were accidently married by Scottish law and now Julia is seeking an annulment before the marriage is general knowledge. I found John to be way too beta; he spends most of the book in frustrated and anguished at losing his "wife" and consents to an embarrassing examination to give grounds for the annulment. While in the middle of investigating the murder of one of Lady Dunnington dinner guests, one of the five men invited to the dinner party as a possible lover for Julia to pick from, John winds up playing match maker for an estranged couple and pitching a poor landowner prospect as a possible husband for wealthy and titled, albeit, pregnant young woman who needs a husband to save face for her family. As usual, a decent man ends of cleaning up the leavings of an evil villain. John seemed to dispense relationship advise to others with ease but he was struck mute when it comes to communicating with the woman he loves above all others. His frustrated thoughts and Julia's waffling made for a frustrating read at times. Nevertheless, the mystery was well-done and John has a methodical and sharp mind that makes him shine with intelligence and wit. I have become very fond of the Bow Street runner and the viscountess he adores and and I am still rooting for John Pickett and Lady Julia Fieldhurst.

  • Linda Banche
    2020-01-11 07:11

    DINNER MOST DEADLY by Sheri Cobb South, the latest John Pickett Regency mystery, intertwines a satisfying murder mystery with the latest wrinkles in the up-and-down romance of Bow Street Runner John Picket and the widowed Julia, Lady Fieldhurst.Julia, at the urging of her friend, hosts a dinner party at which she will select a lover. Reluctantly. The only man she wants is John Pickett, but society’s strictures forbid a linkage between a baron’s widow and a poor commoner. One of her candidates is a man no one at the dinner likes, each for a very good reason. But, by the end of the evening, the object of their dislike can no longer cause trouble, because someone shoots him dead in the foyer.John Pickett is called in to investigate. He must solve the case, as well as explain to Julia the ramifications of their visit to Scotland (in Family Plot). Even worse, he discovers the distasteful thing he must do to free them both from the effects.Ms. South writes truly villainous villains, this one so bad you’re glad when he is killed, and even wish the murderer could get away with the crime. But that is not to be, since John is so good at his work. Still…While the mystery is intriguing, at this point, John and Julia’s romance is the main draw.In John Pickett, Ms. South gives us a portrait of the common man as superior to the aristocrat. Though not born to the Quality, he is more of a gentleman than most of the so-called “gentlemen” in Society. With each installment in this series, he becomes more of a hero. Here, he is willing to debase himself in order to protect Julia, while still refusing to do anything that will dishonor her or their love. What a man.Julia still wavers in her commitment, though not her desire, for John, and that’s understandable, given all the pressure applied to her to conform, which is worse for a woman than for a man. Will she take a stand for love?But John is also human, and he’s almost at the breaking point. Something has to give. While money and class are very real impediments to John and Julia’s love, we still root for love to win.Julia had better make her decision soon. If she doesn’t snatch up John, I’ll take him. ARC provided by the author

  • Patsyann
    2020-01-20 05:51

    This book made me sad. I am sad because the relationship between John Pickett and Lady Fieldhurst was not decided. Another murder brought John and Julia together again. Julia finds out about their "marriage" but nothing is solved and annulment action begins, with a very cruel reason. I found it cruel because John is a very moral person in a time and place where he has very good excuses not to be. There is a very good sense of time and place, and I can hear the English accents. There was no 21st century speech that I could see. I love the gathering of information without CSI, fingerprints or computers. I knew who the murderer was before Mr Pickett, and it was sad to find out that the relationship he had started with the murderer had to end.Mr Pickett's ability to organize information and Julia's recollection of events helped push the investigation along. Servants and aristocrats are all suspects.Just a sad ending and sad story of a relationship that may never be.BEST USE OF: A "marriage", the grounds for annulment in Regency England, a declaration of love.ALPHA MALE 10SPUNKY HEROINE 10SOME SEX 0HEA(HAPPILY EVER AFTER) nonePROLOGUE/EPILOGUE noneRating System10 - PerfectHeat Level1 – I gave it a one because it was the sexiest book of the series.COVER COVERS IT: Great cover!!HOLLYWOOD CALLING: If it is ever made as a PBS mini series - Lily James as Julia

  • Lisa
    2019-12-31 10:21

    Sweet torture! Amidst sleuthing through an abundance of murder suspects, John Pickett's personal life is in upheaval due to his involvement with Julia, Lady Fieldhurst. As a result of an innocent masquerade in Scotland as husband and wife, John and Julia find they are legally wed. Angst abounds. The numerous lines of plausibility in the murder case are nothing compared to the struggles within the wanted but forbidden relationship of John and Julia. How does the saying go? A bird and a fish may fall in love, but where will they make their nest? Oh my goodness does the plot ever thicken! I find I am in absolute desperate need of book #5 in the John Pickett series.

  • Laura
    2020-01-02 07:51

    loved it! I do wish one of them would just come out with it and say how much they like the other. Was surprised to learn of the annulment requirements.

  • Em__Jay
    2020-01-10 11:18

    4.5 starsThis was my first John Picket mystery and I am just sorry I had not discovered them sooner. The book was entertaining and fun to listen to as it contains many of the things I like to read about. There’s a mystery to solve, a romance to sigh over and it takes place during Regency England, a time period that I find fascinating, especially from a social history perspective.Though the romance between John Pickett and Julia, Lady Fieldhurst develops across the series, you can pick a book midstream – like I did – and not be lost. Each mystery begins and is solved during the one book and the romance arc develops nicely. You understand what has gone on before but there are no detailed spoilers.The writing is wonderful. There is no purple prose here. It’s crisp, expressive and articulate. The openness of some of the characters may not be in keeping with the times but it works well in telling this story to a 21st century audience who may not understand the nuances of Regency times; It was definitely a time where you could say much without using words at all.Joel Froomkin’s narration is excellent. His portrayal of each character is very well done. The character of John Pickett is the star. His romantic feelings for Julia, his resignation at not being ‘the right sort’ for her, his desire to honour the man who helped him rise to his current position in society all come through in the narration.The identity of the murderer is kept until the end. I did not guess who it was, but then I rarely do. I could find no fault in the steps and logic taken to determine who committed the murder. In fact, it’s a nice change of pace to read about solutions that don’t rely on technology to help solve a crime.Finally, a special mention goes to the character of Emily Dunnington. She is an excellent representation of what was expected of and what was condoned for a woman of her standing but underneath this, she was still a person with thoughts and feelings who was trapped by her circumstances. I loved hearing about her life and listening to her advice to Julia.Most highly recommended.I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

  • Norma
    2020-01-11 05:15

    ( Format : Audio book )"Neither birth, nor breeding, nor brass."Emily has noticed that, since returning from her holiday in Scotland, her friend Vicountess Fieldhurst has been restless and despondent. Her diagnosis is instant - Julia needs to take a lover. To that end, she organises a dinner party to be held at her house to which she invites six eligible gentlemen from whom Julia can make a selection. But it all goes wrong when one prospect is shot dead and the Bow Street runners are called. John Pickett is back on the scene. But this time he is not just an investigator. Earlier that day, John had learned of an unexpected development which had followed himself and Lady Fieldhurst from Scotland which seriously impacts on both of their lives.Another delightful and well written murder mystery who-dun-it? with the additional pleasures of watching a juggling of niceties of a bygone era, again deliciously narrated by Joel Froomkin,. His reading is well paced and articulated and suitably English accented, everything delivered with the lightest of touches, emphasising the comedic content but never simply playing it for laughs. I did however, increase the playback speed very slightly to fully enjoy his excellent performance.In part an historic comedy of manners, part blighted romance, all wrapped into a really good story of murder and intrigue, with realistic characters and an above average narration, this is a book to be enjoyed by everyone with a delight in crime thrillers. My thanks to the rights holder of Dinner Most Deadly not only for freely gifting me a complementary copy, via Audiobook Boom, but also, in so doing, continuing my association with the John Pickett series. The follow on book, Too Hot to Handle, does not yet seem to be available on Audible but I will be looking out for it.A real pleasure.

  • Sally
    2020-01-24 03:55

    I'm going to consolidate (repeat myself) reviews of this series, numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 4.5 and 5 because I had to get through all of those to resolve the romantic story begun in the the first book. I supposed most women like a touch of romance and these have it, albeit full of angst that is drawn out over a time period of about 10 months. I got impatient with the progress of the romance taking so long. I would characterize these stories as Romance with only a touch of Mystery rather than the other way around. At least there were mysteries to be solved by the Bow Street Runner, John Pickett and he was good enough to figure it out. I figured them out pretty easily myself.I very much liked John Pickett. In my mind I pictured Colin Firth (as seen in Pride and Prejudice, except with longer hair). I could not quite get a visual image of the Lady Fieldhurst in my mind. I felt a little jolted every time it referred to her as a golden-haired blonde, so I suppose I thought she ought to be a dark-haired beauty.The audiobook narrator, Joel Froomkin was pretty amazing. You'd swear it was another reader doing the female voices, as they sounded so naturally female. I did have a little problem, as a listener, with the heavy Scottish accents he used in Book 3, Family Plot, but felt that he probably did those fairly true to dialect and my ear was just not tuned in for the accents. (I was a bit curious to know if the print version had the dialect written out or if Mr. Froomkin just knew how to do them.)There is a Book 6, but I might be satisfied to imagine that the romantic couple will live happily every after.

  • Nicole Hamilton
    2020-01-25 05:56

    I was given a free copy of this audiobook by the author in exchange for an honest review.From the publisher's summary: "When Julia, Lady Fieldhurst, returns from Scotland restless and out of sorts, her friend Emily Dunnington plans a select dinner party with half a dozen male guests from whom Julia may choose a lover. But Emily's dinner ends in disaster when one of her guests, Sir Reginald Montague, is shot dead.When Bow Street Runner John Pickett is summoned to Emily's house, he is faced with the awkward task of informing Lady Fieldhurst that their recent masquerade as a married couple (Family Plot) has resulted in their being legally wed.Beset by distractions - including the humiliating annulment procedure and the flattering attentions of Lady Dunnington's pretty young housemaid - Pickett must find the killer of a man whom everyone has reason to want dead."I continue to enjoy this series. I kind of got the impression that the author was using this story as a place-holder to extend the the ultimate resolution to the marriage annulment issue, but it was a diverting story, nevertheless. I did not guess the ultimate solutions to the mystery -- and that plot was quite ingenious! I pitied Pickett in his emotional turmoils, in many areas.

  • Jessica
    2020-01-22 07:08

    Audiobook Review: "Sweet and Emotional"I am greatly enjoying the John Pickett Mysteries. The interactions between John Pickett and Julia, Lady Fieldhurst, are sweet and a little heartbreaking. Following John while he unravels the mystery is intriguing and amusing as he often tends to bumble his way through the members of the high society. John's cluelessness to his appeal to the young ladies is also quite humorous as he really has no idea what is going on or what to do about it. It will be interesting to see where the series takes John and Julia next and what they end up doing about their marital predicament. Joel Leslie Froomkin's performance is, as always, excellent.I received a copy of this audiobook at my request and am providing this honest unbiased review.

  • Karen Tuttle
    2020-01-19 09:51

    A complete and total successThis is my first book by this author but will not be the last! I completely fell in love with each of the characters. They were totally believable and now I want more. I appreciated the fact that this is a clean story. I will recommend this author to all my friends. I can't wait to purchase another story about Mr. Pitt.

  • Suzan
    2020-01-22 06:14

    Wow! This is book 4 in the John Pickett Mysteries. I read book 3 but have not yet read 1&2. The way Sheri writes is so entertaining and clever. I am also truly taken with the narrator Joel Froomkin. Joel's voice really makes the characters come alive for me. I was gifted this audio book with the understanding that I would leave an honest review.

  • Lady Crazy
    2020-01-13 10:21

    As always, I loved it. Where can I find a guy like John Pickett?! Watching aristocrats fumbling around with decorum is always hilarious.

  • Misti
    2020-01-26 11:03

    3.5 stars. Drama! I wanted to talk some sense into Julia (poor John!) but I did like the mystery in this one, even though it wasn't hard to guess the killer.

  • Reader
    2020-01-25 11:10

    John Pickett's tale continues. The ideal marriage -i. e. the marriage without the responsibilities -oh what fun! But poor sod, John isn't having the least bit of fun at all.

  • Barbara
    2020-01-06 11:58

    These just keep getting better.

  • Rhonda K
    2020-01-20 05:04

    Lady Fieldhurst and Bow Street Runner, John Pickett are at it again. That is, she is attending dinner parties and he is on the case when a dead body appears. Fans of the series are in for a treat with Dinner Most Deadly. Emily Dunnington invites a handful of prospective lovers to a dinner party to allow her friend Julia Fieldhurst an opportunity to observe and select one. We readers of course know that her sights are set elsewhere, even though her hopes in that direction seemed dashed at the end of Family Plot. When one of the attendees, the highly unlikeable Sir Reginald Montague, is found dead before the end of the evening, a message is sent to Bow Street and so begins another excellent Regency mystery.South is at her best alternately trailing the faithful and discerning Pickett through the streets of Mayfair questioning suspects, or attending to the latest developments of his innocent ruse with Lady Fieldhurst in Scotland. The pacing is excellent, the humor is wry and the language and dialogue is lovely and steeped in an era long since gone. Although one clue popped out at me early, the mystery was cloaked in just enough details to be elusive and keep me off the scent.Most compelling in this particular outing is what will happen with the two leads. I confess to having wanted to throw my copy of the book against the wall a few times in frustration at the introduction of certain characters into the story, but I appreciate the author’s patience and exploration of this wonderful relationship. The story of two such star-crossed and deserving individuals would not be safe in the hands of just any author. I trust Ms. South to tell their story and I appreciate the restraint, humor and slyness she uses. I can’t wait to see where this goes next. But first someone should warn Julia’s acquaintances about accepting their next dinner party invite.Review based on reading of Advance Reader Copy.

  • Gay
    2020-01-24 03:52

    Set in the Regency period a la Georgette Heyer, series hero John Pickett of the Bow Street Public Office is called to a fashionable Mayfair address on Audley Street in London where he finds a man shot to death in the foyer of the home of Lady Dunnington. The victim, Sir Reginald Montague had just had dinner there (hence the title) with Lady Julia Fieldhurst and others. Although of the upper class, Pickett learns that Montague was not gentleman. In fact, all of those present had reason to murder him except the two Ladies.While investigating, Pickett finds out that one of the men, Mr. Kenney, had brought a pistol with him, kept it in his overcoat but later discovered it had been replaced with a small statue that has been missing from the Dunnington house. The pistol was carried for protection not as a premediated murder plan, so the owner of the gun states.After Montague was shot, the gun was tossed out of the front door where a witness attested that no one left the house—just the gun. Hmmm.A humorous sub-plot involves the fact that Pickett and Julia are married under a unique Scottish law that states if a woman uses the name of a man pretending that she is married to him—then she is. And he is. Pickett does not want to get out of the attachment, and it doesn’t seem that he easily can, but he realizes a penniless Bow Street man cannot marry a rich upper class woman. Lovely story, true to the genre. Five Star

  • D Johnson
    2020-01-04 08:05

    Dinner Most Deadly draws you into the ongoing relationship between Lady Fieldhurst and Mr. Pickett. As you travel with them through the events that occur, you are ever more anxious to see how the next chapter unfolds. The murder occurs at a dinner party hosted by Lady Dunnington for Lady Fieldhurst to choose a lover from several gentlemen in attendance. However, as always, Lady Fieldhurst's thought are on John Pickett. The murder makes for an awkward meeting between the two when he is called to investigate the murder and discovers the reason for the dinner. As the investigation goes on it leads you in different directions, with all the men in attendance having motives to have committed the crime. It isn't until the very end you are shocked to find out that the person that actually committed the murder surely you didn't think I'd give that away! And of course there's the "take your breath away" moments between Julia and John (blush). A must read by all means. Thank you Sheri Cobb South for another great mystery!

  • Carl
    2020-01-10 03:56

    Dinner Most Deadly is a fast-paced Regency mystery that opens with beautiful young Lady Fieldhurst surrounded by a group of men anxious to console her during her not-particularly-grief-stricken widowhood. Soon one of the men is dead. Enter Bow Street Runner, John Pickett, who is legally, if not actually, Lady Fieldhurst's current husband. Since a real marriage is impossible because of their different social classes, their mutual attraction seems doomed. While unravelling the mystery, Cobb provides a compelling picture of the unbridgeable gulf between rich and poor, but never loses her sense of humor. This a lively and entertaining novel, with an ending that hints at future adventures for the two main characters.

  • Alice
    2020-01-20 10:19

    Book Four: MarriagesTwo problems: another murder of course and the need for a annulment stemming from the Scottish trip in Book Three "A Family Plot". This is a wonderful series both as a mystery and as a very slowly developing romance. I really feel for poor John Pickett and the indignities that he experiences as he goes through the process of annulment of marriage. At this point I will read anything Sheri Cobb South chooses to write. Historically correct, touching characters, great original plot, and very good writing, it's all there.

  • Faye Lawson
    2020-01-23 10:54

    Disappointing!A reasonably good character was emasculated and humiliated and I the reader was supposed to accept his oh, so noble gestures of his sacrifice of his love to protect her place in society? I think not! I was angry at the finish and felt cheated! The only thing that redeemed the story is with the maid acting as the butler, you can safely say the butler did it!

  • Tasha
    2020-01-25 12:14

    Delightful!Of course, the ending was really annoying and contrived, and I knew who the killer was by the end of chapter one, but still, very enjoyable. Can't wait for the next book in the series.

  • Marley
    2020-01-05 05:08

    Just how far will John Picket go? Pretty far, I'd say. Few men would do what he's doing in this one. I love this series.

  • Tess
    2019-12-27 12:06

    4 stars

  • Andrea
    2019-12-28 06:09

    I really enjoy this series; it is both light and pleasing. The Regency details and dialogue ring true, and the mystery is compelling.