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THE THIRD INSTALMENT IN THE GRIPPING SERIES THAT FOLLOWS THE EXCITING LIVES OF BETH AND ALEX MACGREGOR, THEIR FAMILY AND FRIENDS.The year is 1744, and Prince Charles Edward Stuart is stranded in France, his hopes temporarily frustrated, as the planned French invasion to restore his father to the British throne has had to be abandoned. The prince, frustrated beyond endurancTHE THIRD INSTALMENT IN THE GRIPPING SERIES THAT FOLLOWS THE EXCITING LIVES OF BETH AND ALEX MACGREGOR, THEIR FAMILY AND FRIENDS.The year is 1744, and Prince Charles Edward Stuart is stranded in France, his hopes temporarily frustrated, as the planned French invasion to restore his father to the British throne has had to be abandoned. The prince, frustrated beyond endurance, makes an impulsive decision that will change not only the lives of the MacGregor family, but the history of Britain, forever. Meanwhile in London, Beth, bored to distraction by the inanity of society life, hatches a plot with her friend Caroline to free the timid Anne Maynard from the clutches of her domineering guardians. Once it is clear that the much hoped-for invasion has been postponed, Alex and Beth go to Scotland for a few weeks in order to introduce her to her new clan and family. She is both excited and nervous at the prospect, but nothing in even her wildest dreams can prepare her for the challenges she is about to face.An unexpected meeting whilst in Scotland has consequences that may prove disastrous for Beth and Alex. In London, events take an unexpected turn, as Beth’s good deed has repercussions that she could never have envisaged, proving that the past is not easily forgiven or forgotten. JOIN THE REBELLION OF BETH AND ALEX AND THEIR FIGHT FOR FREEDOM IN…THE JACOBITE CHRONICLES...

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the gathering storm Reviews

  • Pamela
    2020-01-04 09:37

    Excellent book. Can't wait for the next one!

  • Anna
    2020-01-06 08:33

    Julia Brannan is doing a lot of heavy lifting to set up the rest of the series in The Gathering Storm and, as a result, it's not as strong as the first two. It feels like the calm before the storm, so the story can drag a bit, especially when compared to the tension and adventure of the last book.The Gathering Storm is definitely enjoyable, although it does feature the reappearance of Richard, which makes for some cringy moments. (view spoiler)[ Richard finds a wife and then proceeds to regularly beat and rape her.(hide spoiler)] Alex's exploits as Lord Anthony continue to be amusing, though there are moments when both Alex and I began to tire of the character.With all that said, I'm excited to dive into the next book.

  • Carrol j Oliphint
    2020-01-25 06:34

    Read this seriesIf you are a fan of well researched historical fiction, Brannan produces a tale to be thoroughly enjoyed. My only reservation (and I admit it is nitpicking) is that, surprisingly for a transcriber and proofreader with a degree in English, Brannan could use some help. There is no such word in correct English as 'orientated'. The correct word is oriented. One example of several similar misspellings is 'realise' correctly spelled realiZe. Sorry but I have the same degrees as Brannan and it just seems she shouldn't allow so many errors

  • ChillwithabookAWARD With
    2020-01-22 04:27

    The Gathering Storm by Julia Brannan has received a Chill with a Book Readers'"I thoroughly enjoyed this book!""Congrats to Ms. Brannan for another delightful and interesting book. I appreciate her research, and I have learned so much.""The Gathering Storm, was every bit as good as the previous books I love this series, romance & intrigue & very well written."Pauline BarclayFounder of Chill with a Book Awards

  • Crystal Pressley reiter
    2020-01-05 05:11

    I have enjoyed the characters in this series of books more than the story itself, although it is interesting at the least. Also I don’t mind the leisurely pace of the story as it gives me more time with the characters and is nice to not have the history of the books subject sped up just because it needs to fit in with however many pages the authority publisher thinks the book should be.

  • P.J.Masonsbcglobal.Net
    2020-01-13 04:23

    Prequel to WarIs a continuing part of the Jacobite Chronicle with well developed charaters and events driven by history and the strong personalities of the dual Idenity english/scotttish family members in England spying for "the king across the water". playing the roles of high society and mingling members of paliment and the current King in Londen.

  • Kathleen Ruggio
    2020-01-04 11:26

    The StormThe true storm has not hit yet and the saga continues as Beth and her husband continue to support the Jacobite cause. Danger lurks in many corners as life goes on. They find themselves ordered to stay in the city even though they prefer to be with the clan and fighting beside the King.

  • Mark Wilson
    2020-01-26 12:33

    The saga continuesBeth and Alex continue their clandestine tightrope act on behalf of Prince Charles and the Jacobite cause. Unfortunately, due to the need to explain events and introduce new characters, plus the general difficulties of a middle volume (set up rather than resolution), this was less compelling than the earlier books. But I will still be looking for the next one.

  • Melissa
    2020-01-14 09:31

    Definetly worth the read!Real relationship scenarios. Believable real people in this story, not perfect people . This series draws you in as you read. Great read!

  • Dorothy Mills
    2020-01-25 08:40

    They keep getting betterFive stars because the story is so intriguing, I can hardly put the book down. It is a good refresher on the history of this time in England and Scotland.

  • Mrs Susan Honeyman
    2020-01-05 07:30

    A Must ReadGood intriguing story. I have enjoyed the first 3 books now looking forward to the next 2. It helps me understand better knowing Scottish history.

  • Siv
    2020-01-24 09:27

    This book series is so well written. Cant seem to stop reading when I have started....and I am very picky when it comes to giving a book 5 stars😊

  • Donna S. Masson
    2020-01-19 07:25

    Nice flow, I enjoyed the book and continuing on to the next book.

  • Lorraine
    2020-01-11 07:25

    Loved it. I have read this series of three books one after the other, I've thoroughly enjoyed following Sir Anthony and Lady Elizabeth's story. Can't wait for book four.

  • Angela
    2020-01-06 06:36

    Another fabulous book from Julia Brannan. The storyline is interesting and so easy to read. This book is a pleasure to read and follows on nicely from the first two in the series. I very much look forward to reading the fourth book and finding what happens to the characters.

  • Cindy Woods
    2020-01-06 08:30

    So good!!This is the third book of this intriguing series by Julia Brannan. It just gets more interesting by the page! The Jacobites are waiting for their Prince Charles to launch his attack on English soil to take the throne! The author does an incredible job of describing events as they unfold as the political pot is constantly stirring. The two main characters, Beth and Alex must keep up pretenses whole spying for Prince Charles. They take a trip to Alex's Scottish clan and Beth learns, what it's like to live as a highlander. The descriptions are raw and real as,are the secondary characters and resulting situations.I love the relationship of Alex and Beth and the strength of of their bond as it's tested over and over.There is obviously going to be a fourth book in the future, and I can barely wait.I highly recommend this informative, sensitive story to history buffs and romance readers. This is such a good book!

  • Jason Gardiner
    2020-01-08 10:11

    Exceptional. I devoured this book. I've been waiting for it since the moment I finished 'The Mask Revealed'.The pace and the characters are so strong. The content of the tale has lead me to learn much more about the factual personas. I cant wait for it to be turned into a film.Whoever options this enthralling series (better do it quick) needs to cast some amazing actors to live up to my expectations. Julia Brannan I don't know how you manage to put such passion and intrigue and excitement into one story and keep such a great depth of historical fact too. I love it.

  • Linda
    2020-01-26 04:40

    Another wonderful book by Julia Brannan about the further adventures of Sir Anthony and Beth. The story was very interesting with may different facets to it and was laugh-out-loud funny at quite a few parts. I am sure people were sneaking looks at me on the bus, which is where I do most of my reading , because I kept breaking out into chuckles and out right laughter. this book was as hard to put down as the first two in the series (the only reason it took my so long is I have to work). I am looking forward to the next installment of the Jacobite Chronicles.

  • Claire Morley
    2020-01-16 06:30

    Another brilliant book from Julia Brannan. This series just gets better and better. Each time I read one it's better than the previous one which I really didn't think possible. The storyline is easy to get into and it's very easy to get engrossed in the characters. I can't wait for the next book in the series and seeing what happens to Beth, Alex and, of course, the delightful Sir Anthony who seems to be getting his own fan club!!

  • Candy Briggs
    2020-01-09 08:25

    A very good seriesThis is book 3 of this series and all of them have been excellent. I was not able to put this story down. The intrigue that seems to be ramput in London and the acting that goes into it is amazing. Finally we get a taste of Scotland and clan life. It is so worth the time spent read

  • Jenny Turner
    2020-01-20 10:38

    yessssss fabulous loved every minute of it