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When Elaina Stevens is viciously attacked by a rogue vampire, she survives only because another vampire intervenes. Rafe is a Night Dweller, sworn to protect humans from the ravages of his own kind, feared creatures known as Dark Wanderers. To protect Elaina, Rafe puts his mark on her and in the process brands her very soul. But Rafe's vows forbid him to touch her again-noWhen Elaina Stevens is viciously attacked by a rogue vampire, she survives only because another vampire intervenes. Rafe is a Night Dweller, sworn to protect humans from the ravages of his own kind, feared creatures known as Dark Wanderers. To protect Elaina, Rafe puts his mark on her and in the process brands her very soul. But Rafe's vows forbid him to touch her again-no matter how much she wants him to.Then Elaina discovers Thorn, the vampire who attacked her, wishes to repent for his past sins. But the process of bringing a Dark Wanderer back to the light requires a human host-someone willing to be filled with the essence of both vampires at the same time.To be with the man she loves, Elaina is willing to do almost anything - even act as the host for her most feared enemy. She agrees to accept both Rafe and Thorn in a single night as the mysterious act of sex magick draws the rogue vampire from darkness into light, not knowing what will happen between vampires and human when the Ceremony of Three is over....

Title : Ceremony of Three
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ISBN : 9781419907906
Format Type : ebook
Number of Pages : 74 Pages
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Ceremony of Three Reviews

  • Sophia Triad
    2020-01-15 09:59

    The good vampire, the bad vampire and the naive girl with the little red bikini.I don’t think Evangeline Anderson has written many books about vampires. There are of course the books about Blood Kindred, but they are not exactly vampires. I have read a few about shifters from her.Also, I don’t think she has written many MMF books. There must be a few, but this is the first and only I have read from her so far. I have read many amazing MM books by her and there are also the Twin Kindred books which are strictly MFM and I loved them as well.Anyway, this is the story of Elaina who was attacked by a rogue vampire a year ago, she was saved by another nice vampire and she fell in love with him. Nobody told her that the nice vampire and the rogue vampire have a history together. Now Elaina has to make a decision whether she will help Thorn to come to the light and Rafe to bring back his old best friend.Okay, the book is more about the sex and less about the story. It could have a better start, because I was forced fast forward in the present without knowing much about the past. But it is a short story, so I can understand. Not the best book by the author, nevertheless it is still enjoyable.

  • Robin Smith
    2020-01-10 12:12

    Ceremony of Three is a quickie, in more ways than one. Elaina is haunted by a vampire who attacked her one night in a dark alley, but then saved by another vampire who marked her as one of his own. Now Elaina is ready to seduce her savior, Rafe. But unbeknown to her Rafe has a problem on his hands. Saving a friend, Thorn, who turns out to be Elaina's own nightmare. To have the want she loves she must save the one who terrified her dreams. Will these three be able to work together and fulfill the real ceremony ?? Read and see.

  • Danielle Thomas
    2020-01-06 06:10

    Good book. Not my favorite.

  • Theresa
    2019-12-27 08:04

    MMF. Didn't like ANY of the 3 MCs.

  • Michelle ♣ Ndayeni
    2020-01-08 10:16

    While this story is fairly short, and the action a bit rushed at times, still the characters are wonderfully developed and vivid. The author does a great job of pulling the reader into the story and getting you to feel what her characters are feeling, and for the most part, their emotions and reactions are fairly realistic given the situation. Yes, some things feel a bit forced at times, especially as regards the way Elaina is fairly quick to agree to participate in the sexual ceremony with Thorn despite the terror of him that she still feels because of his attack on her a year previous. Thorn is shown in a very sympathetic light with his desire to renounce his dark ways, and Elaina is soft-hearted enough that her acceptance of him isn't wholly unbelievable, especially since it's made clear throughout that she's not just flipping a switch to turn her fears off. Instead, she's having to work through them continually all the way through the encounter, and balks at several points, which keeps the story within believable bounds (assuming a certain amount of suspension of belief that's necessary to accept the whole scenario to begin with). Overall I'd probably really give the story 4.5 stars since there are a few awkward spots that keep it from being truly a 5 star "perfect" story, in my opinion. Still, as quick, erotic stories go, this one is definitely among the best quality and most enjoyable ones.

  • Ale Rivero
    2020-01-23 10:11

    Ceremonia para TresUna nueva novela excepcional de Evangeline Anderson, esta vez retomando sus conocidos seres paranormales favoritos, los vampiros. Rafael, el más fuerte y atractivo vampiro, alias Rafe. Thorn, el de los ojos rojos como las llamas del infierno, llamado Dark Wanderer por haber pasado al lado oscuro. Elaina, la joven humana que logra que todo se una. Pero Thorn desea volver a la luz y para ello es necesario que Rafe y Elaina lo ayuden realizando con él la Ceremonia de los Tres, un ritual casi mágico que puede traerlo de vuelta. Elaina debe decidir si es lo suficientemente valiente, y si puede entregarse al vampiro que una vez le hizo daño y al vampiro que ama al mismo tiempo. Una novela realmente imperdible, que nos muestra en cierto punto el poder curativo del amor.

  • Ivan Perdomo
    2020-01-19 07:05

    Los Pecados, requieren de un sacrifico para ser sanados y su absolución depende del Divino Creador el cual impone penitencia, es el Caso de Rafe un Vampiro, el cual quiere salirse la maldicion, pero para hacerlo necesita la Intervención de Elaine, a quien mordió y dejó u a frustración a todo lo relacionado con su raza.Una novela que juega a una visión distinta y apegada al libro Entrevista con el Vampiro los Caminantes Nocturnos no distinguen cuando se defiere a sexo a la hora de cazar y convivir Un libro un poco fuerte pero entretenido para quienes la apasiona el mundo de los vampiros en la forma en que narra las runas qué hay que hacer para liberarse de la maldicion de ser esclavo de la Noche. En tema del sexo aunque incita no crea el lívido que se espera.

  • Ashley Varney
    2020-01-12 06:18

    This book is nowhere near as good as the others I've read by this author. It was all very unbelievable and one of the vamps, Rafe, was pretty cheesy. That is the best way to describe him. The way he acted and talked just turned me off and I think it would have been a better story if it was just between the woman (who's name I have already forgotten) and Thorn. Even then though, it would have been hard to swallow. She went from still freaking out over being attacked, to loving her attacker in less than a night.

  • Karma♥Bites ^.~
    2020-01-03 06:27

    Good story and hot (of course) but story seemed truncated. Just when I finally got into the storyline and started to feel for the three main characters, the "fix" occurred and then... essentially nothing. End of story.

  • Connie Barnett
    2020-01-15 07:05

    HotttVery sexy and erotic. I only gave it 4 stars because I think Thorn should have had to work a little harder for redemption. I under Rafe paved the way for acceptance but given their past it should have been more difficult. Overall I really enjoyed it.

  • Julie
    2020-01-21 14:20

    3.5 starsOk first ..... Damn that was hot ;-) Second .... Some of that was too cheesy for words :-D I chuckled through half of the dialogue. It was a fun 45 min read

  • SassySami
    2020-01-13 08:08

    The story itself was ok, but the writing was too cheesy for me.

  • Daphne Marzana
    2020-01-02 06:09

    The minute her attacker calls her honey after she offers to help him - in done.

  • Deborah
    2020-01-21 08:05


  • Netanella
    2019-12-30 09:17

    Rape-y vampire menage

  • Ryoma Gartre
    2019-12-29 12:27

    gurl was prudeslut, I keep wishing Rafe & Torn whould ditch her sometime, a little too short, I loved Torn, he was wicked & gentle.

  • Shelly
    2020-01-12 06:14

    DNF. The plot was abysmal and the dialogue horrendous. I normally like Ms Anderson but this was just a hot steaming pile of gratuitous sex.

  • vanessa munn
    2020-01-01 10:03

    EnjoyableShort story but highly enjoyable _ captures you from the beginning. Was not expecting M/M but I also enjoy reading that type of genre so it was an extra bonus.

  • Portia
    2020-01-13 06:22

    Hot sex, but weak plot...

  • Galina Sulaiman
    2020-01-19 10:59

    Really enjoyed this. A human as a bridge between light and dark they become a true ménage.

  • Katya
    2020-01-09 13:05

    Three-ways are awesome! Evangeline Anderson does it again with another incredibly sexy story about a reluctant three-way that turns awesome!