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In Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom, Thomas Armstrong describes how educators can bring Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences into the classroom every day.Combining clear explanations and practical advice, Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom is an excellent guide to identifying, nurturing, and supporting the unique capabilities of evey student....

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mange intelligenser i klassevaerelset Reviews

  • Laurel
    2019-11-13 21:22

    I thought this book was a good introduction the multiple intelligences, and how strategies could be implemented in the classroom. I found the book easy to read, and liked the visuals provided on how to incorporate MI theory. I learned a lot, and feel I can begin using these techniques right away.

  • Erin McDonnell-Jones
    2019-11-09 01:31

    This book didn't provide any new or revealing information, but it did offer some interesting ideas:Classroom management (p. 29): use MI to observe how students MISbehave in class. Their misbehavior can help teachers understand why the students are acting out, which in turn can lead to an understanding of how the students learn best.Ch. 8 chapter on classroom management seemed very young for secondary education teachers.Interesting lesson plan idea on page 63. It requires teachers to use all 8 MI to teach a lesson which I think could offer some help in with differentiation.Teaching strategies and ideas= chapter 6. Good ideas based on what you want to try and accomplish.Alternative assessment ideas in chapter 10. I think everyone (politicians included!) should read this chapter.

  • Mateo
    2019-11-26 22:31

    Even though this was required reading for one of my courses, it was actually a lot easier to get through that I thought it would be. Took me less than a day to read it and it was interesting, I guess. Felt the book was too repetitive, though. There was chapters you could skip entirely and still be able to answer any question your professor asks you with just the first 4 chapters.

  • Heather
    2019-12-06 20:29

    Tons of ready to use ideas that can be easily adapted to any topic, subject, or grade level.

  • Steve Duong
    2019-12-07 00:13

    I don't think it's wise to rate a book like this but because I see there is few to acknowledge it I don't think it will matter....I read this as part of my internship with students (k-5) at a school. I found great interest in the theory of multiple intelligences and plan on using it to somehow encompass a project that I plan on proceeding with in the next couple months. I really enjoy reading the book (although I skimmed through the last couple chapters with no intention of ever really reading them) it informs really well and really provokes thought as to who you (or others) are as learners. It's a relatively light read that covers a great field of MI questions and for anyone not familiar with MI theory this is a FANTASTIC place to start!

  • Lr
    2019-11-22 02:37

    Good resource for intro to the theory, for considering different strategies of instruction and assessment for all learners (including students with special needs), and also good for methods of acquiring student data info at the beginning of the year. Refer back to for strategies!!!

  • Richard Harden
    2019-11-25 22:17

    This is a wonderful book, with great application for the classroom. However, there is still a sense upon reading the work that MI is an end in itself - a sense I often find prevalent where the theory is used in the classroom and in curricula.

  • Agustinus Susanto
    2019-11-30 23:42

    Buku penuh dengan tips dan trik bagaimana membuka paradigma dan peta pikiran. Menyulut motivasi dan semangat dalam menggali lebih dalam segala sesuatu yang kita pelajari. Membangun image baru bahwa setiap Orang itu cerdas.

  • John
    2019-11-25 23:29

    Interesting book. As someone working towards teacher certification, I found it extremely helpful. I tend to agree with most of what is written and look forward to using some of the ideas in the near future!

  • Kate
    2019-11-10 19:17

    A great resource, full of practical tips, on how to incorporate MI theory into your classroom.

  • Alex
    2019-11-13 02:30

    If I knew nothing about MI, I'd have found this really interesting. Mostly a a review for me, but some great applications and more class ideas than I could ever use.

  • Biruhati Syaheed
    2019-12-04 18:13

    Mengubah cara pandang tentang "belajar" dan bahwa setiap orang punya hak untuk sukses dengan cara dan kemampuannya masing-masing. Buku yang sangat bagus.

  • Fatmeh Jamel
    2019-11-22 19:38

    its a very useful book

  • Colin Kemmis
    2019-11-13 02:38

    Actually quite a bit updated from when I read this in grad school 8 years ago. Lots of practical and contemporary advice.

  • Jessica
    2019-12-06 02:31

    A some-what helpful school book. It was well written, just not quite what I thought it was going to be about.

  • Alison
    2019-11-30 23:17

    I read this to help with a picture book I'm working on, about MI. Chapter 3, "Describing intelligences in students" is particularly helpful

  • Steve
    2019-12-08 22:25

    A decent book I'd definitely recommend to most teachers, as it gets you thinking about how to engage students in a variety of different ways.

  • Taija
    2019-11-20 19:24

    I had to read this for my Principles of Teaching class. An informative (but sometimes dull) read on the eight learning intelligences. Good applications included.

  • Kristen
    2019-11-17 20:13

    Thomas Armstong's Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom was read for EDU 221 Secondary/Middle Block: Curriculum, Instruction, Classroom Management, Instructional Media, and Practicum.

  • Christine Boyer
    2019-11-19 19:29

    Describes M.I. theory better than Gardner. Gives hands-on tips and ideas for adapting lessons.